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Looking back at… TED Talks 5



TED talks are about ideas worth spreading and there are plenty of options when looking at sustainability from responsible investment to biodiversity.

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1. The emergent patterns of climate change – Gavin Schmidt – The complex models used by scientists to make predictions about the future of our climate are only useful if we use them as the basis for action, argues Gavin Schmidt in this week’s featured TED talk. Read more.

2. Ecology from the air – Greg Asner – This week’s featured TED talk sees ecologist Greg Asner, who leads the Carnegie Airborne Observatory project, tell us about the fascinating, high-tech system he uses to map nature. Read more.

3. Obliquity: how complex goals are best achieved indirectly – John Kay – If you want to go in one direction, the best route may involve going in another. So says John Kay, professor of economics at London School of Economics, in this week’s featured TED talk. Read more.

4. How to expose the corrupt – Peter Eigen – Peter Eigen is an expert in corporate corruption. That is, helping to expose it. A former World Bank director, he has worked in economic development for a quarter of a century. Read more.

5. Jennifer Granholm’s clean energy proposal – race to the top! – “Our economic competitors […] are eating us for lunch, and we can get in the game or not. We can be at the table, or we can be on the table.” These are the rousing words of US politician Jennifer Granholm in a TED talk about renewable energy from February. Read more.

6. Invest in social change – Toby Eccles – What if investors could help tackle pressing social challenges while getting rewarded financially? They can, says Toby Eccles in this week’s featured TED talk, through potentially revolutionary social impact bonds. Read more.

7. A drone’s-eye view of conservation – Lian Pin Koh – Whilst drones in armed combat are often subject to criticism over human rights violations, in this week’s featured TED talk the ecologist Lian Pin Koh sets out the case for their usage in helping conversation work. Read more.

8. Who controls the world? – James B Glattfelder – After the publication of our Guide to Ownership 2013 today, it seems only right that in this week’s featured TED talk, James B Glattfelder talks about how the natural environment’s interconnected systems need to be transferred to the field of economics. Read more.

9. Changing Perspectives: The Promise and Challenge of Renewable Energy – Jamey Stillings – Photographer Jamey Stillings shares thoughts on how mankind must learn to coexist with nature to ensure survival of future generations through cleaner energy sources, in this week’s featured TED talk. Read more.

10. Meet global corruption’s hidden players – Charmian Gooch – When the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea, a desperately poor country, starts buying Floridian mansions and state-of-the-art sportscars on an official monthly salary of $7,000, Charmian Gooch suggests, corruption is probably somewhere in the picture. Read more.