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Looking back at… TED Talks 6



TED talks are about ideas worth spreading and there are plenty of options when looking at sustainability from responsible investment to biodiversity.

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1. The other inconvenient truth – Jonathan Foley – Jonathan Foley looks at what he calls the “other inconvenient truth” – the skyrocketing demand for food that means agriculture has become the largest driver of climate change and biodiversity and environmental destruction, in this informative TED talk. Read more.

2. Why we should build wooden skyscrapers – Michael Green – Building skyscrapers out of traditional materials such as steel and concrete is a thing of the past, argues architect Michael Green in this week’s TED talk. Instead, he says, we should use wood. Read more.

3. Seeds of Change – Pam Warhurst – Community activist Pam Warhurst talks about driving a clean revolution by making towns more sustainable and growing their own food in this week’s featured TED Talk. Read more.

4. An economic reality check – Tim Jackson – Amid a whole host of environmental, social and economic pressures, Tim Jackson, author of the brilliant Prosperity Without Growth: economics for a finite planet, spoke at a TED event in 2010 about how we can ride out these crises and begin to invest in our future. Read more.

5. Investing as if the future matters – Graham Sinclair – Investors should look to the long-term and help create a future that looks a lot different to today, says Graham Sinclair in this week’s featured TED talk. Read more.

6. Cloudy with a chance of joy – Gavin Pretor-Pinney – Some of world’s finest natural architecture is right above our heads on a daily basis, according Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society, in this week’s featured TED talk. Read more.

7. How the teddy bear taught us compassion – Jon Mooallem – The way we tell stories matters and can have very real consequences on the survival of certain wild animals, says writer Jon Mooallem in this week’s featured TED talk. Read more.

8. Is ‘responsible investor’ an oxymoron? – Andrew Canter – Investors need to start engaging with their money and thinking about how it is being deployed, says Andrew Canter in this week’s featured TED talk. Read more.

9. A journey of mortality, renewal and ethical investment – Joel Solomon – Joel Solomon, president of Renewal Partners, was recently interviewed by Blue & Green Tomorrow about how a brush with death spurred him on to use his business and investment nous to create a better future. Read more.

10. My wish: to launch a new era of openness in business – Charmian Gooch – Anonymous companies protecting corrupt individuals is a simple yet devastating problem that affects us all, says Charmian Gooch in this week’s featured TED talk. Read more.

11. Stop the Rush! Why entrepreneurs should take the time to succeed – Phyllis Pierce – Tech entrepreneurs should not be obsessed with timing because being successful requires patience and time, says Phyllis Pierce in this week’s featured TED talk. Read more.

12. Why philanthropy is the most satisfying thing we’ve done – Bill and Melinda Gates – Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, and his wife Melinda discuss why philanthropy gives them so much satisfaction in this week’s featured TED talk. Read more.