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Make 2017 The Year Of The #EthicalChallenge Make 2017 The Year Of The #EthicalChallenge


Make 2017 The Year Of The #EthicalChallenge



The need to protect our planet is now being recognised around the globe even with the results of recent elections seemingly driving us further away from working together and investing in environmental issues.

Now is the time to act to reduce any further negative impact new policies may have on our earth for those who choose to ignore the warning signs!

Goodfayre is a small independent shop in Salisbury, selling ethical food, drinks, household and gifts which are cruelty free, fairly traded and sustainable. We’re a social enterprise on a mission to make consumerism more transparent and to stop it from destroying our earth.
This year we’ve come up with the #ethicalchallenge we are challenging you to change one habit each month to lead a more ethical life.

There is no denying there is a certain stigma around environmentalism almost like we are criticised for caring about society and wanting to make the best out of our world because we stand up to greed and wealth we are somehow branded bitter in some way, either that or we’re crazy for wanting to protect animals, reduce our waste and provide a clean and green planet for our children to grow up on.

I don’t want to stand on my pedestal and preach what we must or must not do, but I do want to help protect our planet so I’ve taken a more subtle approach, it’s something we can all do, weather the changes are big or small, we can all pledge to do our bit to lead a more ethical life and so the #ethicalchallenge was born.

How it works

  • Set yourself a goal to lead a more ethical life, by changing one habit each month.
  • First set your goal, It could be to go Vegan, vegetarian, to avoid plastic, to only buy local products, reduce your impact on climate change, live a more sustainable life or perhaps you want to take a combination of a few of these.
  • We are then asking you to change one habit each month to achieve your goal.
  • Download Ethical Challenge planner to take part.
  • Have a look on the ideas page for habits you could change each month.
  • Use the Hashtag #ethicalchallenge to tell us about your challenge.
  • Join the facebook group  to chat to others taking part in the challenge and get ideas and motivation.

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