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Marketing Tips at Charity Events



If you run a charitable organisation, then you will know the importance of raising awareness for your marketing aims in order to get more funds and attract volunteers. One of the most productive ways to garner attention to your charity is to attend events and you will need to make sure your stand makes an impact and leaves a lasting impression with attendees.

You should purchase a stand that you can reuse at different events, as this will ensure you get good value for your money and can also save you time and hassle. You can buy different styles and designs that suit a variety of budgets and needs, and you can find a good selection of stands on the Marler Haley website. You will find everything you need on this website to create a great exhibition stand and it will save you a lot of time and hassle if you can purchase everything you need from one place.

Maximising your Presence

If you have a stand at an exhibition, you will need to make sure that you really maximise your presence.

This can be done by using some of the following:

  • Banners
  • Cardboard POP Displays
  • Printed table cloths
  • Folding display boards
  • Leaflets and flyers
  • Posters
  • Table top display board kit

It is important to be able to attract attention to your stand but it is also key to be able to keep people there. You could benefit from being able to give them something to walk away with after they leave your stand such as flyers, leaflets or business cards.

You can use other accessories such as queuing barriers to help people to form orderly queues leading up to your stand and you can even design your own banners if you want to.

Display Stands

How you choose to display all of your information is up to you and the most popular choice is to use a display board kit that provides you with everything you need to market your charity. When purchasing a kit like this that can be used time and time again, you will need to consider the following:

  • How durable is it?
  • How quick and easy is it to erect?
  • Is it easy to transport?
  • Can you change your message?

Depending on where you are exhibiting, you will need to change what you are showcasing and this is why folding display boards are ideal. You should look for a board that is made from a Velcro friendly material and then you can stick everything from posters to photos to the board using Velcro, making it easy to change whenever you need to display a new message.


Having a printed table cloth that features your logo or charity name on it to use on your stand is important, as branding is pivotal when it comes to marketing anything from a business to a charity. You can also hand out printed t-shirts, pens or lanyards and a good display stand will offer everything from an appealing layout and information/ materials that can be taken away.