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7 Most Eco-Friendly Accessories for Your Big Day (2022)

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Are you truly committed to sustainability? You need to make it a priority every day, rather than just when it is convenient.

One of the times when living sustainably can be difficult is on your wedding day. Many people try to live eco-friendly lives throughout the year, but don’t want to make the sacrifices on their most important day.

Fortunately, it is more than possible to have an eco-friendly wedding. One of the important things that you need to do is make sure that you use eco-friendly accessories.

Finding Eco-Friendly Accessories for Your Wedding Day

So, it’s finally the big day, but what sort of accessories are necessary for it? Are there eco-friendly accessories you can use to lower your carbon footprint?

Every future bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. Preparation of your entire bridal wardrobe, from head to toe, is essential. The choice of wedding dress style comes first. Pick out everything from the cloth to the pattern to the cut to the finish. After you’ve chosen the dress of your dreams for your wedding, it’s time to think about the finishing touches. Throughout the entire process, you have to make sure that sustainability is at the front of your mind.

When walking down the aisle, remember that it’s not just the dress that matters. Accessories, including jewelry and a veil, should also go nicely with the outfit. Since this is your wedding day, you probably want to look your best.

Here is a rundown of everything you’ll need to accessorize your wedding attire and ceremony, to keep you from scrambling at the last minute. You will find some ideas for eco-friendly accessories to have a sustainable wedding. To make sure you don’t forget anything for the party, keep this list close by.

1. Shoes

Wedding footwear should complement the outfit rather than duplicate it. Since you’ll be wearing your wedding shoes all day, it’s important to get a pair that both looks well and feels good. Choosing your wedding dress before your shoes is a smart move. That way, you’ll know just how high of heels you may sport with the dress’s silhouette.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great eco-friendly wedding shoes that you can buy. Ethical Elephant has a list worth checking out. Veerah’s Venus, Minuit sur Terre’s Agadir and Nak are some of the top brands worth checking out.

2. Handbag

A clutch or purse is more than simply a pretty addition to your wedding outfit; it has practical uses, too. You can’t rely on other people to hold your lipstick while you touch up your makeup or your phone while you make a call. On your wedding day, a clutch that matches your dress is not only a stylish accessory but also practical storage for your needs. If you want everything to match perfectly, choose your clutch after you’ve settled on your dress and shoes. Make sure you shop handbags only after you have finalized your wedding dress so that it matches your outfit.

There are some great eco-friendly options if you know what to look for. Sustainability Chic suggests using UASHMAMA, KOKOLU, Made Trade and Nisolo. They are some of the eco-friendliest handbags around.

3. Hair Accessories 

When it comes to the finishing touches of their wedding day look, brides love to add ornamental hairpieces to their gorgeous tresses. Modern brides might be seen accessorizing their hair with anything from veils and clips to flowers and crowns. You can express yourself via your hair on your wedding day by using inventive hair accessories.

The veil has played a vital role in every wedding. The veil is traditionally removed from the bride by her father or by the groom before the exchange of vows. The standard length of a veil is the floor, however, they can be much longer. Some of them fall to their knees, while others are only face-covering. It is reasonable to assume that the designer of your wedding dress will also be able to assist you in selecting a veil that is a suitable addition to the ensemble.

A hair clip is another common hair accessory. They provide a practical purpose in keeping your bangs in check while also improving your look cosmetically. Beautiful hair clips complement a wide variety of cuts and styles.

Fortunately, a lot of the most popular hair accessories are already eco-friendly. It’s a tradition for many brides to use floral crowns or pins. Orchids and other fresh flowers are a beautiful addition to a wedding gown. Adding seasonal flowers will make you appear stunning for a summer or beach wedding.

4. Jewelry

At the very least, you should consider wearing jewelry at your wedding. The degree of clothing you choose to do is entirely up to you. The four most important pieces of jewelry for a bride are her earrings, ring, bracelet, and necklace. Choose jewelry that complements your style and personal preferences.

In the same way that your wedding dress is a must, so are your accessories. Decide on your wedding dress before you make any other accessory selections to make sure everything matches perfectly on your big day. Now that everything is organized and in its proper position, you should give it a test run. Keep your distance from the mirror while you admire your likeness. Keep in mind that the groom and guests, as well as the photographer, will be looking at you and taking pictures from a distance.

You can find some ethical jewelry made with gold outside of conflict zones. There are also bracelets and other accessories made with natural stones and other sustainable sources.

a. Necklaces

Even the most understated dress can be elevated to red carpet status with the addition of a statement necklace. Experiment with different cuts, colors, and patterns or layer it with gold chains to find the one that best complements your personal style.

b. Bracelets 

They are also a great accessory for weddings and gatherings where you don’t need to worry about how you look. Add a pair of quirky sunglasses or a set of statement earrings to complete the ensemble and you’ll be the talk of the town all night!

5. Wedding Gown

Wedding dresses are one of the most significant items of clothing you will wear on your wedding day, with the other accessories you choose to complement it. They should not only fit well and look good on you, but they should also be tasteful and sophisticated. It’s crucial that the bride’s wedding dress fits well and looks stunning at the end because it should represent the marriage.

Bridal Magazine has a list of some great eco-friendly wedding gowns worth buying. They include Pure Magnolia, Miranda Bennett Studio, Wear Your Love and Leanne Marshall.

6. Flowers

A bouquet is classic and elegant, but if you want something more modern and unique for your big day, try out some roses instead! Roses are gorgeous regardless of their color. 

A bouquet adds to your outfit and looks completely stylish, and the best part of them is that they are totally customizable, you can create your own bouquet for your big day with whichever flowers you like.

7.  The Perfect Gift for Your Bride Squad

So, She Can Focus on Being the Maid of Honor Instead of Having to Dance with Herself While Trying Not to Fall Down. Make your best friend feel more special as she will be the one running around looking after things while you have your mental breakdown.

Get the Perfect Eco-Friendly Accessories for Your Wedding

There you go! You have it all for your eco-friendly wedding! Now all you need is your groom and your venue and then you are all set for your big day. No matter what type of bride you are, whether you like a big fancy wedding or a simple wedding that includes only close family and friends, these 10 things listed above will make your special day more special and memorable. 

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