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November’s top 10 green crowdfunding projects



Crowdfunding is a democratic form of financing that allows people to direct their money towards projects they consider important, innovative and socially useful.

Each month, we round up some of out favourite crowdfunding initiatives that focus on sustainability, the environment, education, society – all the good stuff – and this is the November edition.

1. Fairtrade product launch and meaningful local job creation

Visionary Soap is an award-winning Fairtrade company whose entire range of bath and body products carries the Fairtrade Mark. The company now wants to pitch a new range of products to Waitrose, Oxfam and Traidcraft among others, in order to expand the business and continue their positive impact.

2. Cre8 Arc

Cr8 Arc aims to create London’s first ‘eco ship’, from 90% recycled and reused materials. Once complete it is hoped the eco ship will become a benchmark for eco living and self-building. The Arc will be used all year round as a showcase for environmentalism, self-builds and permaculture.

3. Can you help the Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement?

The Commission of Civil Society and Democratic Engagement will investigate the impact of the proposed lobbying bill. The commission argues that the government didn’t consult voluntary organisations, the public, or the Electoral Commission before publishing the legislation, and the is now asking the questions that government failed to.

4. Boost the People’s Supermarket: the People’s Supermarket is a sustainable food co-operative that is run by local people and for local people, it now wants to expand its services.

5. Poverty to Purpose coffee house: Poverty to Purpose is seeking funding to establish a high quality social enterprise coffee house that will use profits its to invest in charitable ventures.

6. The Christmas Dinner: the Christmas Dinner is a pop-up organisation that aims to provide a Christmas day dinner for care leavers aged between 18 and 25.

7. Life Time Boiler Finance: Life Time Boiler Finance gives customers energy efficient boilers by offering a fixed monthly payment finance solution.

8. Buy a brick campaign: Exmod is looking to fund accommodation for homeless veterans. With the finance they could provide medium-term housing for up to 100 veterans.

9. Against forced marriages support service: the JAN Trust’s campaign aims to raise awareness and educate on the complicated and often misunderstood issue of forced marriages.

10. The Christmas wish list: the Children’s society is currently raising money in order to buy Christmas presents for disadvantaged children and young people.

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