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TED Talks: For more wonder, rewild the world – George Monbiot



In this week’s featured TED talk, environmentalist and writer George Monbiot talks about the merits of ‘rewilding.’

Rewilding is a large scale method of conservation which works to restore the lost habitats and natural food chains that once surrounded us – a cause to which he has devoted much of his life.

Monbiot uses the example of wolves in the US’ Yellowstone National Park. After a 70 year absence, caused by human hunting, wild wolves returned to the park in 1995. Fascinatingly, the return of the wolves brought with them a far healthier natural balance to the local ecosystem. Monbiot asks if something similar might not return more wonder to our British isles. 

If you find yourself enchanted by this idea, Monbiot’s acclaimed book Feral delves into the issue in greater depth.

To watch this video on the TED website, click here.