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Here are some practical examples from Three Hands on how to blend leadership development, CSR and even product innovation. It is often said that CSR should be built in, not bolted on – these examples demonstrate the power of the built in approach!

Leading change at Network Rail
It’s not just businesses that need to deal with change on a regular basis, it’s charities too. So when Three Hands devised the Leading Change module of Network Rail’s Accelerated Leadership Programme, they challenged the participants to apply and embed their learning on change not just to their own business areas, but to a number of non-profits too. The case study tells you more.

From education to work – developing graduates at Nationwide
Graduates entering the world of work often need support to develop the so-called soft skills so important in today’s workplace, such as relationship management, influencing and communicating with impact. Grads at Nationwide were challenged to practice and develop these skills by way of strategy projects with local charities. The case study describes the value of this approach to the graduates, the business and of course the charities.

An ethical bank tackling gritty issues
Triodos, a pioneer in ethical banking, has been bold with its new charity partnerships in that they’ve embraced an issue that businesses often shy away from – drug and alcohol addiction. The bank has two UK charity partnerships, both drawing on the skills that employees can bring. Read more here.

Improving a product with the help of the third sector
The idea that businesses can innovate with insight from charities is gaining some traction. Legal & General did that that when, as part of a review process for a life insurance product, they ran a workshop that sought the views of charities that support older people. The result was several modifications to the product that made it more flexible and responsive to changing circumstances in customers’ lives. There are more details here.

Three new things at Three Hands
1. New thinking – they’ve introduced an approach to product development and innovation that will help businesses make their products and services more inclusive. See the short report from a recent breakfast event.
2. New people – they’ve recruited Lizzie Cho, whose background is in charity leadership, and Aimee Ling, who founded a London foodbank. Their biogs are online.
3. New website – take a look!


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