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Video: Tackling complexity in multi-tier supply chains



Modern supply chains are highly complex, multi-tiered networks that consist of continuously evolving relationships involving many thousands of individual suppliers around the world. Globalisation and shifting patterns of trade can quickly create new risk hotspots.

All of this makes any kind of commitment to improving ethical supply chain standards at scale more challenging. For many companies, knowing where to start in responding to these risks can be a problem.

This film, the second in Sedex’s Responsible Sourcing Insights series, explores how leading supply chain experts are responding to these challenges by adopting common approaches to reduce duplication and increase collaboration.

Sedex speaks to business leaders from around the world in order to shed light onto how to tackle the complexities that can arise in business, which can lead to a more sustainable, reliable and consistent service for consumers, buyers and suppliers by reducing risk and duplication.

This is episode two of six. Blue & Green Tomorrow will be featuring a new film every fortnight. For more information about the Responsible Sourcing Insights series, see here. 

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