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Watch live from 1.30pm: how solar can reduce your business’s energy bills



Watch a live 15-minute webcast from 1.30pm on Thursday May 1 about how, as a business, solar power could help bring down your energy bills.

Featuring Blue & Green Tomorrow publisher Simon Leadbetter and Westinghouse Solar director James Carpenter, the programme will look to explain how solar schemes could save firms thousands of pounds a year.

It coincides with the results of a survey, conducted by Westinghouse and released on Thursday, which found that 73% of business leaders had no idea what their company was spending on electricity.

Speaking about the findings, Carpenter said, “These are busy people, and whilst they should of course be more aware of the rising costs of energy, and the increases that have been borne by their own business over the course of the last five years, they have a business to run, and will logically be more focused on developing their range of products and services, sales, marketing and distribution.”

The webcast will be streamed live from 1.30pm in the video player below.

Photo: Debbie Mous via freeimages

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