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Why Are Green Funerals Becoming So Popular?

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A few years ago, very few people heard of green funerals. Today, they have become far more popular. Surveys show that 72% of cemeteries have reported an increase in people getting green funerals.

The Lowdown on Green Funerals

People are more concerned about protecting the environment than ever. One poll in the United States showed that 53.8% of people are considering green funerals. Concerns about the environment are one of the biggest reasons, but other reasons are also on the list.

Traditional funeral services in the United Kingdom are getting more and more expensive each year. The average cost of a funeral service now amounts to over £3500 with thousands of people across the country struggling to find the money to give their loved ones the send-off that they deserve.

The location of a funeral service also determines how much families and friends will pay for their loved one’s funeral. London is the most expensive area in the United Kingdom, with Northern Ireland being the cheapest. However, regardless of the difference in pricing, this is one of the reasons why green funerals are growing in popularity each year. But what are the other reasons for choosing one over a traditional funeral service? Keep reading this article to find out.

What Is a Green Funeral?

A green funeral is an environmentally friendly, and alternative service compared to a traditional funeral. During a green funeral service, the body is buried in a natural environment with embalming. The casket in which the body is buried in is also 100% biodegradable meaning that it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. What this also means is that plants and trees are used over traditional headstones as grave markers. Traditionally funerals were conducted this way hundreds of years, but they are now on the rise in the UK for the following reasons.

They Are Cheaper Than Traditional Funerals

Because green funerals require a lot fewer resources than traditional funeral do mean that they come with a much cheaper price tag. They do include expensive coffins or caskets, so are an alternative option for families to consider if they feel they will struggle with the cost of a traditional funeral service. Also, if a family decide to make their loved one’s casket at home (which is a popular thing to do with green funerals) then this also reduces the overall cost of a green funeral.

They Protect Natural Areas

The biggest reason that people opt for green funerals is that they protect the natural environment. Green funeral burial sites preserve the landscape because they are populated by planets and are full of wildlife. During a green funeral service, no chemicals are used, which is considered the most important component and contributing factor to the conservation of the natural environment.

Floral Creativity

Choosing a green funeral for your loved one means that your family and friends can be very creative when it comes to the floral tributes. However, when it comes to floral tributes for green funerals, you must stay away from using any plastic as this has a negative effect on the environment and takes hundreds of years to break down. Instead, use natural materials to decorate your floral tributes.

They Are More Peaceful

If you are looking to hold a peaceful funeral service for your loved one, then opting for a green funeral is something you should consider. Being in the natural environment means that you will typically be away from civilization, which gives the atmosphere of the service a more relaxed and peaceful feel.

You Can Also Choose to Be Cremated

One of the great things about choosing a green funeral is that it gives you the option for your body to be buried or for it to be cremated. However, one thing to be aware of is that your ashes will still need to be buried in natural materials, then a traditional urn. In fact, ashes don’t need to be buried at all. They can be alternatively scattered in a natural environment or green cemetery.

If You Want a Green Funeral Service Then You Can Pre-Plan It

You might not like to think about dying, but the unfortunate event is going to happen one day. This is why so many people don’t like to prioritize pre-planning their own funeral service. However, if you are thinking about a green funeral service, then pre-planning it can be a great way of ensuring that you get the service you want. It also means that you can save your family and close friends a lot of emotional stress when you sadly pass away. Pre-planning your green funeral now means that the service can reflect your environmental values if you have any. And, before you pass away, you can rest assured knowing that you have chosen a plan that respects the environment.

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