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World’s largest solar project; sustainable fashion; Olympic sponsorship – Quote Bank: May 5-11



A good quote makes all the difference.

The Topaz project will benefit the environment and the local economy. A project of this size creates jobs and plays a major role in our nation’s long-term electric energy supply” – Paul Caudill, president of MidAmerican Solar. “World’s largest solar project” begins major construction.

While we anticipate inspiring examples of athleticism at the Olympic Games, that same dedication will be needed by Olympic sponsors and London area hotels to ensure that trafficking and slavery is eradicated within their spheres of influence” – Julie Tanner, assistant director of socially responsible investment at Christian Brothers Investment Services. Investment coalition demands anti-trafficking and slavery measures ahead of the London Olympics.

While we captured one-third of the amount of bottles Honest Tea sells in a day in New York City, the scale of our effort illustrates how much more work communities need to do to boost national recycling rates above 30%, let alone our long-term goal of recapturing every bottle that we sell” – Seth Goldman, co-founder and CEO of Honest Tea. The Great Recycle.

We are confident that this type of innovative, sustainability-driven approach will ultimately generate new business revenues from sustainable products and services and create new business models for us as a group” – Francois-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of Pinault-Printemps-Redoute. Gucci and Puma group releases sustainability plan.

The Agulhas is one of the most consistent currents in the world. So, if the ocean current generation was to happen, Durban would be an ideal location to start harnessing it. If we can get it right, it has the potential to completely transform the city into a green energy location for investment” – Derek Morgan of the eThekwini Energy Unit. South Africa looks to ocean currents for nonstop energy.

Material that does not rot (and that is not currently economic to recycle), such as plastic, can be stored in the ground and then mined for future use through recycling or even upcycling – where impurities are removed, resulting in a higher grade of plastic” – Shlomo Dowen, national co-ordinator of the United Kingdom Without Incineration Network. Britain’s burning.

The biggest impact on a garment is with washing and ironing. We also need more biotech to create soaps that clean at a lower temperature but this really needs consumer involvement” – Anne Prahl, senior sports consultant at WGSN. The sustainable future of fashion.

Lord Smith rightly highlights the unknown environmental impacts of fracking—until it’s proven to be safe, this technology should be shelved in the UK as it has been elsewhere in the world” – Tony Bosworth, senior climate campaigner at Friends of the Earth. Environment Agency backs fracking.

The Government is a vital part of this journey, so is business, and so is the consumer. Those three things have to work together for us to become a sustainable society and a sustainable economy” – Mike Barry, head of sustainable business at M&S. Creating a sustainable shopping culture: interview with M&S.

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