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An Interview with the team behind the new Ethical UK Equity Income Fund



A much needed boost has been given today to the Ethical UK equity income sector by the re-launch of Castlefield’s UK Equity Income fund, renamed the B.E.S.T Income Equity fund, as an ethical fund. In December 2011 Henderson Global Investors said that ethical and equity income could not be done anymore, but Simon Holman and John Eckersley of Castlefield Investment Partners see it very differently.

Introducing the ConBrio BEST Income Fund

It has been a testing year for ethical funds with two prior stalwarts of the industry, Aviva and Henderson Global Investors partially withdrawing from the ethical investment arena. It is always good then to find others keen to take up the mantle and continue to offer diversity of choice to UK investors. Derived from the musical direction literally meaning, with spirit or vigour, the ‘ConBrio’ fund range represents a re-launch at Castlefield Investment Partners with ethics in mind. The B.E.S.T Income fund is pitched into the UK equity income sector and brings to four the number of funds in the space offering an ethical alternative. B.E.S.T. stands for Business & financial, Environment & ecological, Social & governance and Transparency.

Here Mark Hoskin, a Partner at Holden & Partners the ethical investment specialists catches up with Simon Holman, the Conbrio Best income fund manager and John Eckersley Castlefield Investment Partners’ Managing Partner.

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