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Countdown to Good Money Week: seven days to go



The final countdown to Good Money Week has begun. Before it even properly kicks off next Sunday, there are nine events, six open to everyone and three for finance professionals. On Friday, our own big event is the launch of our Guide to Sustainable Investment 2015.

Good Money Week, 18-24 October, states on its website that it: “is an opportunity to ensure those you trust with your money are looking after it well and using it in ways that benefit society and protect the environment.”

UKSIF’s Good Money Week Programme Director Lisa Stonestreet told Blue & Green: “Good Money Week this year is all about how individuals can positively influence the ways in which their money is being used. We’re encouraging people to take action in whatever way works for them to make sure that their financial service providers are aware of their concerns around both their financial future.”

On action people can take is checking out and attending the smorgasbord of events that are being put on for Good Money Week 2015.

On Tuesday 13th Impax Asset Management holds a briefing in London for financial professionals, entitled ‘Quantifying environmental impact: Bringing impact measurement to listed equities’.

On Wednesday 14th AngelNews holds its ‘sI=MC² – Social Investment = Money x Collaboration²‘ event and Alliance Trust takes its ‘Sense in Sensibility’ financial adviser roadshow to Cambridge.

The three events on Thursday 15th include UKSIF’s  ‘Good Money Talks’ in London, and Investing Ethically’s ‘Can the grass be greener? Your investments can be’ seminar in Norwich, both open-to-everyone. Alliance Trust’s financial adviser roadshow also lands in Norwich.

On Friday 16th  Good Money Week is then off to Bristol for Bristol Fairtrade Network’s ‘Make Your Money Count’ Conference.

On Saturday 17th, the day before Good Money Week actually starts, Operation Noah, Quaker Peace and Social Witness hold their ‘Disinvest to reinvest – investing for a just economy’ event in London and Ethex launches its much anticipated ‘Positive Investing Report 2015’ online.

A full list of Good Money Week events can be found here and all future public events will be listed in Blue & Green’s Guide to Sustainable Investment 2015, released on Friday.

UKSIF’s Stonestreet added: “We hope that ‘Good Money Talks’ taking place in the run-up to the Week itself, really inspires the sustainable finance community and wider stakeholders to help create a buzz around all the positive stories, initiatives and projects that are happening at the moment. We want people to feel empowered when it comes to using their voice as investors and savers.”

To find out more visit the Good Money Week website which tells you what’s on, explains how else you can get involved, why it matters and has a bunch of useful resources. Good Money Week is sponsored by Abundance, Alliance Trust Investments, EdenTree Investment Management, Old Mutual Wealth, Standard Life Investments and Triodos Bank.