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Montreal, Quebec, Oct 20: Investing responsibly, developing sustainably, moving to the core



Globally, we are fast reaching a tipping point where investment decisions are made holistically, taking into account not only financial but environmental, social, and governance criteria in order to achieve better long-term returns, contribute to the sustainability of companies and financial markets, and promote a more stable and inclusive world economy. Whether driven by regulatory requirements, competitive pressures, or the quest for higher returns, this change is afoot.

This trend is increasingly driving change for companies, as well as both providers and users of capital and everyone in between – including asset owners, asset managers, risk managers, fiduciaries, administrators, c-suite executives, sustainability officers, and communications and investor relations officers. It’s not about changing the world – it’s about understanding how the world is changing.

In this event in Montreal, Quebec (Tuesday, October 20, 2015 from 11:45 AM to 1:45 PM) a distinguished panel of speakers will share their reasons for deciding to invest responsibly-develop sustainably, and how it is impacting their business model and performance.

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