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Socially responsible fund to be listed by platforms and product providers



A Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) fund from fund manager The Premier Group is set to be listed on leading platforms and product providers after distribution agreements were reached. The news signals that the sustainable investment sector is continuing to grow and move into the mainstream.

The Socially Responsible Investment Fund PCC (SRIF) has finalised agreements to offer the fund via independent financial advisers. The agreement will give responsible investors that use one of the platforms and product providers involved, a greater range of choice.

Raymond James Investment Services, Novia Financial, Nucleus Financial and Canada Life International are among those that will make the fund an available option to their investors. The fund launched in May and enables retail investors to invest from £1,000 in a range of socially responsible organisations.

Jamie Sutton, director of Premier, said, “Interest in socially responsible investing is increasing with ethical and green assets under management reported to have reached an all-time high of £12.2 billion last year.

“In my view this is only set to increase as solutions are sought for growing environmental and resource challenges created by a global population increase. This presents new opportunities for investors with the potential of offering attractive returns over the medium and long term.”

The Premier Group explains that underpinning its strategy is population growth. By 2050 the global population is expected to reach 9 billion, placing pressure on all those in society, including businesses and governments, to adopt a more sustainable attitude towards resources and the environment.

To take advantage of this SRIF’s strategy involves investing in companies whose priorities are focussed on the generation of clean energy, tackling resource scarcity, sustainable food and agriculture production, or reducing water scarcity.

The fund offers multi-asset allocation and multi-thematic investment. It has been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and would suit investors with a medium appetite for risk or those looking to diversity their portfolio, whilst supporting social and environmental businesses and organisations.

Stuart Wright, head of operations and product management at Raymond James Investment Services, commented, “Many clients are eager to ensure their portfolio is well diversified and they are increasingly conscious of socially responsible investment. Demand for such investments is growing, so we’re pleased to be able to offer Premier’s SRI Fund which will enable clients to tap into new and exciting investment opportunities across the SRI sector.”

Photo: OmirOnia via Freeimages

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