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The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2012



The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2012 endeavours to take you on a journey of discovery—embarking at ethical origins, travelling through the green and growing fields of sustainable and socially responsible investment and disembarking at a new, enlightened destination. Standing there, surveying the future with a fresh perspective, it is our hope that you will feel able to make better-informed decisions about where and how your money is invested so that you can proudly say, “I played my part—I balanced the needs of the planet, its people and prosperity. I succeeded”.

Take time to read and digest the wise words of Mike Scott, Penny Shepherd, Sarah Pennells and a host of others; realise that you are not alone and then, better still, realise there are people who have devoted their working lives to help you understand and change the impact of your money on the future.

The future can only be sustainable.

Download The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2012 here (10MB file).

On the go? Download the mobile version here (4MB).

You can also access the report on Issuu and Scribd.