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5 Eco-Friendly Office Furniture Pieces To Enhance Your Workspace

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Sustainable office design focuses on saving natural resources, but also increasing the well-being of office workers. It’s a win-win really. Employees of an eco-friendly company know they’re working for a company who cares about its impact on the environment and the well-being of its employees.

In this post I’ll show you 5 eco-friendly office furniture that boosts productivity, improves the quality of life and also reduces demand on our environment. What’s not to love?

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

herman miller chairs

Herman Miller is a name synonymous with award-winning, sustainable, environmentally-friendly products. Their Embody chair proves you can have style blended with recyclability. You’re also getting a cool chair from a company with an exceptional environmental record. Apart from the chair stimulating blood and oxygen flow to keep you relaxed and focused, the chair is made of environmentally safe and healthy materials and is also assembled using 100% renewable energy.

The chair is up to 95% recyclable and even the steel and aluminum components are 100% recyclable. Eco-friendly chairs go hand in hand with being ergonomically sound, and this chair has back- and seat surfaces that conform to your every movement, distributing weight evenly and adapting to everyone’s size and shape.

Here’s a good review of the chair is available here.

2. Haiku Designs Bamboo Office Chair Mat

Haiku designs chairs

Add this trendy eco-friendly bamboo office chair mat to your office décor to protect your office flooring. Made from 100% Moso Bamboo harvested in the Anji Mountains, the mat has been kiln dried to ensure it doesn’t crack or absorb moisture. Strong as steel, bamboo is such an attractive, remarkable natural product, requiring very little resources to regrow. This 5mm thick organic bamboo mat rolls up for portability.

This product is made with environmentally friendly materials and coating. The kiln dried and moisture resistant mat has a premium UV cured finish and comes complete with felt backing to prevent slipping. The company, Haiku Designs makes sure they integrate quality and harmony into their office furniture and accessories.

3. NBF Office Desk

NBF office desk

National Business Furniture or NBF is committed to incorporating environmental processes into the way they conduct their business, always looking at ways to improve their environmental performance. They help their customers get more for their money by providing affordable products which also lower the company’s eco footprint.

This trendy sit-stand laminate construction desk with one-wire-management-hole has adjustable levers. This means you can adjust it so that you can sit or stand throughout the day. The desk with dimensions of 47.16″W x 25.98″D x 29.53″H also has inner shelving where you can store files or book. This eco-friendly desk also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

4. The Ultimate Green Store Office Storage – Bookshelves

office green storage

With these cool sustainably ‘made-from-99%-recycled-paper’ Laguna Modern bookshelves, you can give your imagination free rein with how you use them. They’re made from recycled content and are non-toxic. The different shaped compartments make them versatile enough to use at the office or in your home. You can organize and configure your office or study till they’re configured to give you the storage you need. Formaldehyde- and VOC free, with these artistic looking water-resistant modular shelf ideas, the possibilities are endless!

With dimensions 12″ x 22.8″ x 36.8″, the shelves are tool- and hardware free and you simply use super-strong 3M heavy duty adhesive to bond the boards together. The Ultimate Green Store provides superb environmentally friendly products, recognizing the importance of sustainable practices and production with products that are organic, recycled, natural, eco-friendly, hip, cool and fun.

5. Viesso Office Couch

viesso office couch

This is a great furniture for people with chronic back issues that require more ergonomic support. These people will notice an improvement in symptoms after switching to this furniture. You can buy more ergonomic furniture from this source.

Viesso offers their own unique designs and also partners with leading furniture brands. The contemporary design of the Rebecca Wood Two-Seater Sofa includes a wood base and is 58’’ in length with the seat height being 16’’. The steel frame, polyurethane foam couch for office visitors and clients has ‘S’ shaped springs for strength and flexibility. Because Viesso wants to ensure sustainable living, they have made sure that their eco-friendly sofa includes no fire retardants or any other harsh chemicals.


Going green doesn’t mean giving up on aesthetics, and with all this environmentally friendly office furniture, it is possible to have a comfortable, functional, dynamic office space that has minimal eco-impact. When searching for eco-friendly office furniture, do research and find out what chemicals your furniture may have been treated with or where the wood or bamboo comes from.

Becca Stickler is a freelance writer with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living.


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