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Vital Components Of A Modern Environmentally Friendly Workplace

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Going green has become a gold standard in 2020. Many companies have adopted this type of policy and are trying to reduce the amount of waste they create or recycle it. It also helps with the reputation of a company, practically in the eyes of the clients.

You need to make managing an eco-friendly office a priority. Carl Standertskjold-Nordenstam, the European Corporate Segment Marketing Manager at Sony, states that 40% of all energy consumption is created in offices. You need to make reducing your office’s carbon footprint a priority.

But how does a green entrepreneur adopt an environmentally friendly policy in the workplace?

Fortunately, many companies are taking these steps. O’Connor’s waste removal already has a lot of experience in dealing with eco-friendly removals. They’ve seen it all and helped us understand the importance of maintaining a green office. With their help and with that in mind, we have prepared a few tips for your eco-friendly workplace.

Establishing a Green Way of Thinking

First of all, you have to get all of your stakeholders in the office on board. You cannot simply start forcing something on them that they are not used to all of a sudden. You have to change their mindset and help them start thinking green.

You can do so by introducing all sorts of projects that have green objectives. You can establish separate bins for recycling and perhaps give out rewards to staff members that recycle the most. This is just the help you need to get started.

Promote a Paperless Office

An office setting requires a lot of materials to be printed on paper. But by reducing the usage of paper you are already starting to think green. Try not to use as much paper as you normally do. We are already in an electronic day of age and everything can be done electronically.

If you really need to print some physical files, make sure that you recycle the excess ones once you are done with them.

Add Some Office Plants

This one is a literally green option. It helps by loosening up the atmosphere and also helps ease the tension that can be created in an office when there are a lot of people. But in this case, it will also help change the mindset of your workers and allow them to start thinking in an eco-friendly fashion.

You will notice that people will adopt the policy much quicker if there are plants around. Each day more and more staff members will start to get involved in the recycling policies you are introducing.

Encourage Sustainable Transpiration

Try to encourage your workers to commute to work in a sustainable fashion. This means using public transportation more and not relying on your car so much. Carpooling is also a great idea as it also reduces the carbon footprint in our world.

But the best one is the healthiest ones. Walking would be the best solution but if you are living too far away from the office biking there is a good and healthy solution. But most importantly it is environmentally friendly.

Create Green Challenges

We mentioned a couple of times that you need to change the mindset of the workers. But a good way is to get them involved as much as possible. This would involve you creating certain monthly recycling challenges for workers. They can be both fun and competitive. You can give out prizes and promote the green policy that your company is going to be known for.

Workers will that way understand the importance of recycling a lot better and will have fun doing it. Also, it is a break from regular work duties which is also helpful in creating a good working atmosphere for your staff.

Turn all of the Electricity Off

Leaving a light bulb turned on, just a single one, is enough to consume a lot of unnecessary energy. If you are running a green office this should not be the case. Make sure that all the lights and electronics are turned off once you leave the office. Get the workers involved in it and explain the importance of doing so. You will greatly change the figures on your electricity bill that way.

Additionally, you can start turning off all electronic equipment after leaving the office. Leave just the ones that are completely necessary, for instance only the alarm.

Make Office Energy Production Your Priority

Every business needs to find ways to cut its carbon footprint. There are a number of great ways to trim your energy consumption to help the planet.

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