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Wall Pictures Make Great Ecofriendly Bedroom Decor

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My sister recently bought a new home. Her and her fiancé are very big on environmentalism. They wanted to spruce their bedroom up a bit, but they were worried that too many of the options they had wouldn’t align with their environmentalist goals.

I can see their point. Most paints and primers are very toxic and leave hazardous greenhouse gases. The good news is that there are a lot of ways to change your bedroom layout without hurting the environment. I spoke with an expert on my sister’s behalf, who said that using wall pictures is the most eco-friendly idea.

Wall Pictures Are a Green Remodeling Option

If you want to make some green changes to your home, adding some wall pictures to your bedroom is the best option. Let’s see what an expert has to say on the topic.

“After a long and full of activities day, you need to relax and the best place to feel comfortable in your bedroom. Whether big or small, your bedroom is your special place where you shed all your worries of the day and try to regain your energy back for the next day. This is one of the reasons why you need to take your bedroom decoration seriously. It is necessary to keep the ambiance of the bedroom relaxing and pleasurable so that it pumps your heart with a positive feeling and make you feel good. Keeping this in mind, here some of the tips for making your bedroom more stunning and ravishing have been discussed, such as Wallpics, cozy furniture, right wall paint color, etc. Scroll down to learn more about these,” the expert said.

Here are some eco-friendly remodeling tips they shared.

Choose Comfortable Bed

Among all the furniture in the bedroom, the bed is the most important one. You need to ensure that you select a highly comfortable bed that makes you feel relaxed. Having a comfortable bed doesn’t mean a large bed. It doesn’t make sense to purchase such a large bed for a small room which occupies the whole space of the bedroom. However, this doesn’t mean to buy a bed that doesn’t give you space to roll and makes your feet pushed out of the bed. You need to ensure that you select a good and cozy bed which is perfect with respect to the size of your room.

Leave ample space in the bedroom

There are many people who do not understand the value of leaving space in the bedroom and they end up buying different furniture, which instead of making their room entrancing make it look cluttered. Undoubtedly, a chair and a small table are necessary for a bedroom, but the selection of the furniture would depend profusely on the size of the room. Interestingly, these days you can find innumerable options for furniture that are sleek so that it adjusts even in a small bedroom. If you have a large bedroom, then also it doesn’t mean to place unwanted furniture in the room. Try to keep your bedroom simple yet elegant and this is only possible if you leave ample space in the bedroom that neither make it look empty nor too congested.

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Select the wall paint color that suits the bedroom décor

Another thing that you need to take seriously while decorating your bedroom is that the color of the wall paint complements with the wall décor and other things in the bedroom, such as the furniture. Try to use light colors, neutral or earth colors on the walls of the room as the bright colors can overshadow your wall decors and when the light reflects on it, the chances of it making your room look small is quite high. Even the bright colors on the walls do not stimulate when you sleep and this is not something which you will want to happen. Definitely, you would love to have a bedroom in which you can have a sound sleep.

Do not full the wall with wall décor

Decorating walls is important if you want a room to shine and look stylish, but trying too much is not good. When you opt for many walls decorating items then just like the many pieces of furniture in your bedroom makes it look untidy, similarly, too many wall décor will make your walls look cluttered. It will appear as if you are trying to conceal the bad wall paint. That is why you are advised to keep it simple when it comes to decorating your walls with decorative things. You can have on one side of the wall a mirror and on the other Wallpics, but do not overdo it. Even when you are planning to buy a mirror make sure it doesn’t damage your wall and is not oversized the mirror must be complementing your bedroom only then put it there on the wall. In case you have a dressing table then you may avoid a wall mirror.

Go for Wallpics

This is something that will for certain make your bedroom look stunning and appealing. Wallpics are customized photo tiles that are designed in such a way that it never damages your wall. The special double sticky adhesive ensures that Wallpics do not leave marks when removed. Furthermore, you do not need to drill holes in your home for a nail or screw to hang these pictures. Unlike photo frame, Wallpics are more wall-friendly and give you the option to move it around when you change the direction of the bed in the room. This way your bedroom looks young and beautiful forever.

Wall Pictures Are the Eco-friendly Approach to Bedroom Remodeling

If you need to make some changes to your bedroom, adding some wall pictures is the environmentally friendly way to go. They will make a huge difference and leave a very small carbon footprint.

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Select Cost-effective decors for your bedroom

It is also important to look for things that make your bedroom look special and unique without spending a lot of money. You need to opt for the products that are cost-effective so that you do not feel betrayed every time you see it when you go to sleep. You will also be amused to know that Wallpics is something which is really affordable and will always make you remember your good old memories attached to the photographs. A set of three will cost you only $35 dollar and each additional Wallpic will cost you $9. The best thing is that whenever you want to change the pictures you just need to peel it off and it will not come out with your wall paint. It is easy to stick to the walls and you can move it around as well, which makes it perfect for reuse, thereby making it true value for money.


If you really want to make your bedroom look amazing and enticing then you must follow all the aforementioned points, especially Wallpics. This is something that will make you feel good and you will never regret your decision of placing it in your bedroom. Celebrate each night in your bedroom with Wallpics that have fondest memories attached to it.