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Environmentally Friendly Home Fixes To Save Money And The Planet

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Earlier today, we heard more details about the COP25 climate summit. The United Nations discussed some of the urgent problems facing the planet. They discussed the benefits of using children to help address climate concerns and address these issues.

A growing number of people are starting to recognize the climate crisis for what it is. In March, Gallup published a poll showing that 66% of American believe human beings are responsible for global warming. This is the highest this figure has ever been.

Fortunately, many people are eager to start taking action. What steps can you take if you are concerned about fighting climate change?

How Homeowners Can Take Sound Steps to Combat the Climate Crisis

When it comes to living an environmentally friendly life, change begins at home. Eco-friendly lifestyle and home solutions are all the rage at the moment, and with good reason. According to the most recent UN report on climate change, we have until 2030 to reduce our collective carbon footprint – or else find ourselves in the midst of an irreversible climate catastrophe.

It may seem too overwhelming a prospect to consider, but you can help by making small changes every day. Leading a more sustainable life needn’t mean shelling out cash for a new electric car. Easy and affordable choices such as Meat-free Mondays, or cycling instead of driving, can make a big difference to your personal emissions. And the changes we make in our own homes can massively reduce the amount of energy we use and the amount of waste we produce – all while reducing our bills.

How can you make your home eco-friendlier – and keep costs down?

We’ve put together a list of sustainable changes you can make in the home to save the planet while saving money.

Use energy efficient LED bulbs or even solar lights

First and foremost, consider the lighting in your home. One of simplest steps you can take toward a more environmentally friendly home is the switch to LED light bulbs. On average, the energy consumption for an LED light bulb is around 30x lower than its incandescent counterpart. As well as having a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs can reduce lighting costs to just 5% of the average electricity bill.

While LED light bulbs are the best choice for your interiors, consider solar lighting for energy-efficient outdoor ambience.

Use dimmer switches for eco-friendly ambience

Environmentally friendly lighting solutions don’t stop at the light bulbs themselves. You can also make energy- and cost-efficient choices in your switches and sockets. Using dimmer switches and opting for low, atmospheric lighting uses far less power than traditional on-off switches.  You can also choose smart sockets to ensure that power is only being used by appliances when it needs to be.

Unplug appliances when they aren’t in use

If smart sockets aren’t your thing, always remember to unplug your appliances when you head or when you aren’t using them. Even when you’re appliances are turned off, they can draw small amounts of energy throughout the day – and that adds up.

Install a smart meter for your heating

Heating is one of the biggest energy uses in the home and it’s very easy to leave heating on for longer than necessary – especially in the winter. A smart meter eliminates this problem by only turning on at certain points in the day.

These small, but effective, changes in the home will help you keep your energy costs down while reducing your environmental impact. If you’re looking to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, these suggestions are a good place to start.

Make Incremental Eco-friendly Changes a Top Priority in the Coming Year

If you are serious about fighting climate change, then you are going to need to make some major changes. There are a lot of ways that you can save the environment by making some changes at home.