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benefits of outdoor bathrooms for eco-friendly homes benefits of outdoor bathrooms for eco-friendly homes


Why Eco-Friendly Homes Should Have Outdoor Bathrooms

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Are you living in an eco-friendly home? You aren’t alone. One survey found that 84% of Americans have said that living in an eco-friendly house is important to them.

Unfortunately, not everybody knows what to do to make their home environmentally friendly. There are a lot of things that you have to consider when trying to live in a green home. They might overlook some important ideas.

One idea that eco-friendly homeowners should consider is installing an outdoor bathroom. This could be a good way for them to lower their carbon footprint. You can learn more about other ways to make your bathroom eco-friendly, but an outdoor bathroom can be your best option.

Eco-Friendly Homeowners Should Consider the Benefits of Having an Outdoor Bathroom

The idea of connecting the natural world outside with the interior of our homes is not new. Interior designers and architects have long been devising countless ways to do this successfully, from the recent trend for plant-rich biophilic design to alfresco dining and outdoor cooking areas. But bathrooms?

Perhaps on reflection, it doesn’t seem so strange. However, with climate change and the current pandemic, there appears to be a shift for people that want to be closer to nature and a back-to-basics life. As a result, simple outdoor pursuits such as gardening, walking and cycling have seen a surge in popularity as an antidote to our increasingly digitized daily lives.

Wellness benefits

At home, we’re extending our living areas into the garden, and there’s nothing like bathing in the fresh air to make you feel at one with the Great Outdoors. Indeed, the trend for natural swimming pools is a case in point. These are “designed to offer the same kind of experience of swimming in a lake, or the river [but] don’t require chemicals to run, relying instead on natural resources to keep the water clean and safe to swim in,” explains one leading swimming pool builder.

The wellness benefits of a swimming pool are undeniable, and our increased health consciousness now extends beyond the physical improvements gained by regular swimming. An outdoor bathing experience, whether in a pool or a tub, is known to melt away stress and generate a sense of deep relaxation. In addition, the combination of fresh air and natural surroundings can produce an energizing effect, particularly if combined with hydromassage options in whirlpools, Jacuzzis and hot tubs.

Home spa aspirations

Showering in the early-morning sun or bathing under the stars used to be reserved for holidaying at exotic spas and luxury hotels in far-flung destinations. However, there’s nothing to stop you from recreating a relaxing outdoor soak in the comfort of your own back garden.

One could argue that installing an outdoor bathroom is simply the next step in the kind of home improvements that are in line with current lifestyle trend aspirations. Mirroring the sophistication of indoor bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms, open-air facilities must be just as advanced, with proper plumbing for a shower, washbasin or bathtub.

Linking architecture and nature can also be done more directly, with an indoor/outdoor bathroom divided by a simple glass screen, perhaps with a secluded courtyard surrounded by lush planting.

Closer to nature

An outdoor bathroom goes beyond the idea of a ‘green’ bathroom design. The latter relies on natural materials, eco-friendly products and sustainable furnishings to make the point, while the former literally steps outside of the comfort zone. Indeed, alfresco bathrooms are typically designed to be super luxurious and sensuous as the ultimate home sanctuary experience with a touch of hedonism and self-indulgence thrown in for good measure.

There are many beautiful and functional designs that boast showstopping features, making an outdoor bathroom a top-end amenity for any aspirational home. With the right planning, you can create a bathroom design for your garden that perfectly complements the rest of your home as well as your lifestyle. It will be a place you’ll want to escape to time and again.

Outdoor Bathrooms Are Great for Promoting Sustainability

More sustainable homeowners are looking for ways to cut their carbon footprints. One idea worth considering is investing in outdoor bathrooms. They can help make your home eco-friendlier.


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