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Ethical Easter treats



Ethical Superstore’s co-founder Andy Redfern gives Easter a sustainable makeover and offers a trio of gifts that go beyond cardboard-flavoured chocolate and tacky packaging. Thank goodness.

Let me guess—you’re faced with yet another pile of tasteless cheap chocolate eggs this Easter? Perhaps, it’s time to go ethical. If you want the Easter bunny to leave something a little bit special, then shop around for something Fairtrade or simply more thoughtful.

Our Easter range this year includes luxury Fairtrade chocolate eggs, organic truffles, as well as options for those with food intolerances. Not to mention a selection of more unusual gifts, if you’re looking to surprise or fight chocolate fatigue.

Top of my personal list this year are the beautiful Booja Booja handmade and hand-painted eggs. What could be better than delicious organic truffles (in hazelnut crunch or midnight espresso flavours) nestled in an egg that lasts forever? Certainly, no need to recycle the packaging.

If you’re after some family fun at Easter, what about the Fairtrade Divine Easter Egg Hunt. Available in blue or pink, these Easter Hunt kits include six hollow shell Divine milk chocolate eggs covered in foil, plus a set of signs to create an egg hunt around your house or garden. Two or more kids? Even better—buy two kits and save money.

However, if you want something that’s going last well beyond the Easter season and be useful and eye-catching at the same time, then why not try a fair trade wirework chicken to keep your real eggs (organic and free range, we hope) safe and sound? Basically, it’s a chicken made of chicken-wire—what else? With its black finish and large hinged backside (!) opening, it turns egg storage into a talking point for any kitchen. It holds up to 15 medium-sized eggs for the baking fanatic, large family or big breakfast fan.

We at B&GT don’t know what’s more amazing, the Booja Booja eggs (what a fantastic name) or the remarkable fact that Andy Redfern managed the whole article without a single egg-based pun.

Check out the full Easter Gift Guide at Ethical Superstore for even more wonderful ideas. And don’t forget, you’ll need to order by 2pm, April 4, to guarantee a visit from the Easter bunny.

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