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Infographics; eco-fashion; cottages: this week’s features



Earlier on today, we published our Guide to Sustainable Banking 2012 – a rundown of the best, ethical, sustainable and responsible banking options in the UK. But much, much more has happened in the world of Blue & Green Tomorrow this week. Here’s a summary of all the features from the last seven days.

On Monday, Joanna Keeton wrote a feature about eco-fashion and how, as we look ahead to 2013, it’s very much a concept at the forefront of many people’s minds.

Joanna quoted Anupama Pasricha, a member of Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business (ESRAB), who said, “If [the people in the fashion industry] do their part and make a conscious decision on what they purchase, they’re telling the retailers that this is important, and that’s where the whole change will come from.”

We’ll be revisiting that story next week, when Eco Fashion Week takes place in Vancouver, Canada, from October 16-19.

One of things we often get complemented on is our infographics. With that in mind, we sat down with our resident data visualisation guru, Ben Willers, to quiz him on his love of infographics.

They can place a new perspective on things and sometimes reveal things we weren’t even looking for“, he said.

Of course sometimes they just look really cool!

This morning saw the sixth instalment of our cottages4you series, and this time, we looked at The Pump House, a serene property located just outside of Cumbria.

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