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Pale blue dot; foreign exchange; investing ethically: this week’s features



Blue & Green Tomorrow’s features section has been jam-packed with no fewer than nine features this week. Here’s a round-up of all of them.

A fortnight ago, we launched our first round of crowdfunding on Sponsume for our next three in-depth reports, and on Sunday, we explained where the money will go. Tuesday marked the 42-day countdown of the project, and given the number’s significance in relation to the naming of B&GT, we thought it only right to nod towards the pale blue dot.

The third instalment of our Organic September coverage appeared on Monday, and this time, we looked at the notion of ‘good food for all’. Watch out over the weekend for the fourth and final piece.

On Wednesday, Alex Blackburne spoke with Simon Roberts, managing director of Global Ethical Brokerage, who has created a ‘not just for profit’ foreign exchange enterprise committed to corporate social responsibility. A couple of days later, Alex also interviewed Scott Murray, managing director of Virtuo Wealth Management, about his commitment to ethical investment.

Energy efficiency expert Chris Farrell’s latest blog post was published on Thursday, as was a brief comment piece from ethical IFA Julian Parrott, about the ‘intrinsic benefits’ of investing ethically.

Today, Paul West, of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, wrote about a recent study conducted by some of his colleagues about changes in nutrient and water management to reduce the yield gap, and we profiled the fourth cottage in our cottages4you series: Tigh Romach in Scotland.

Thanks for reading our feature round-up. And before we depart until next week, there’s just time to thank everyone who has supported our Sponsume project to date. We truly appreciate all your support, but if you could watch our video, read our pitch, pass it on to others via email, Twitter and Facebook, and if you can, please donate something, then we’d be forever grateful.