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Middle East in crisis: Obama sanctions Iraq airstrikes as Gaza violence resumes



The Middle East is again engulfed in conflict as US president Barack Obama has ordered airstrikes against Iraqi militants and the ceasefire in Gaza has ended. 

Obama has authorised targeted strikes on Islamic State (IS) fighters to protect threatened religious minorities and US interests. The announcement comes as thousands of displaced civilians are trapped on Mount Sinjar by IS forces. It is feared those from religious minorities will be forced to convert to Sunni Islam or be killed. 

Obama has ruled out sending any troops to the region, and prime minister David Cameron has said there will be no military action from the UK. 

“The only lasting solution is reconciliation among Iraqi communities and stronger Iraqi security forces,” Mr Obama added.

Meanwhile, in Gaza, the 72-hour ceasefire between Israeli forces and Hamas has come to an end. Israel resumed its attacks on Gaza after militants fired rockets at its cities on Friday morning.

It is feared the renewal of the fighting may spell an end to the peace talks taking place in Egypt.

Almost 2,000 Palestinian’s are now thought to have died in the conflict.

Photo: AmnestyInternational via Twitter

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