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Responsible Business Week 2013 kicks off



Responsible Business Week, April 15-19, is designed to raise awareness of the depth and breadth of responsible business. Blue & Green Tomorrow looks forward to the week ahead.

Speaking at a Business in the Community (BITC) event in 2012, prime minister David Cameron described business as “the most powerful force for social progress the world has ever known”.

Aiming to become the UK’s largest celebration of responsible business, Responsible Business Week looks to bring together companies, investors and individuals, to further propel the UK forward in tackling some of the most pressing environmental and social issues.

The week provides an excellent opportunity for organisations and businesses to share their responsible practices with customers, stakeholders, employees and the general public, with a number of events taking place.

Talks and seminars at this year’s Responsible Businesses cover topics including waste management, renewable energies, updating small building firms on recent changes, legislation and promoting higher levels of compliance within the construction industry.

The ‘Seeing is Believing’ event held on April 19 invites individuals to explore renewable energies in the social enterprise sector, by giving businesses the opportunity to visit three different social enterprises that are currently utilising renewable energy sources.

Organisations will also run their own events, providing insight into their responsible practices.

Businesses looking to run events are encouraged to get in touch with BITC or Responsible Businesses Week through their websites or social media channels.

Firms can also participate in a number of online debates, led by panels of experts, to discuss key issues of responsible business.

Blue & Green Tomorrow will be at as many events as possible – one of which is ‘Has CSR reached its sell-by date?’ this morning at 11.30am. Readers can live stream the discussion here.

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