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The Brand Strategist’s Guide to Desire competition: the winner



The winner of our latest competition, who receives a signed copy of Anna Simpson’s book The Brand Strategist’s Guide to Desire, is Aimee Swift of Southport.

Entrants were asked to tell us about a brand that brings real value to people’s lives and say what makes it successful.

The winning entry, chosen by Simpson, said the baby product brand Pampers makes a difference through its charity work offering tetnus jabs.

Anna Simpson says…

Pampers has realised that it can play a greater role in the wellbeing of babies, beyond the comfort of a clean nappy. Its work with UNICEF to combat newborn tetanus responds to the desire of mothers to ensure the long-term health of their child.

The brand also offers support as the baby grows, with advice on hygiene, skincare and potty training. I’d now like to see Pampers consider the long-term sustainability of its resource use, and the impact of environmental degradation on children’s lives. It could play a leading role in developing the closed-loop economy through reusable nappies.

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