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4 Super Simple Solutions To Create The Perfect Eco-Friendly Home



I was very happy to hear about a new executive order from Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Brown said that climate change is an urgent problem and recently passed a new order that would treat it as such.

Oregon isn’t the only community that is trying to make fighting climate change a priority. Similar measures are being proposed in the UK and the European Union. A new bill was introduced abroad that would limit “throwaway culture”.

People that support eco-friendly living should be pleased about these changes. They will finally force others to live more sustainable lives. Those that have yet to embrace the sustainable living movement should see the writing on the wall.

There is going to be a greater demand for eco-friendly homes in the near future. People will need to take all reasonable measures to make their properties more sustainable. The following tips should help.

Responding to the Shift Towards Sustainable Home Ownership

There is a greater need for green homes than ever. However, not all homeowners are making the transition easily. You need to know what to do if you want to go this route.

Making your home as ‘green’ as possible should be at the top of the priority list for pretty much every homeowner. Not only can you help do your bit for the environment, but you can also save a bit of money on your bills by having a more eco-friendly home.

A growing number of people are recognizing the serious nature of the climate crisis and understanding the impact that humans have on the planet. As a result of this pressure, more people than ever are looking to ‘go green’ and do their bit. So, here are some quick fixes to make your home better for the environment – and your wallet!

1 – Swap Over to LED Bulbs

The first thing to consider is swapping from traditional incandescent light bulbs (which are notoriously inefficient) to LED bulbs, which are much more efficient in terms of energy use. On average energy consumption for an LED bulb is almost 30x lower than old light bulbs.

LED light bulbs also have a much longer lifespan than traditional lightbulbs, so you won’t need to  buy as many bulbs. You will replace them a lot less frequently. Also, replacing blown bulbs is easier. You will just need to swap over to LED lights can cut your energy bill by around 5%.

2 – New Blinds to Insulate Your Rooms 

In the Winter time, heating is one of the biggest utility expenses. Heating your home will burn through a lot of energy. In the Summer time, especially in warmer climates, cooling can consume just as much energy. Fortunately, you can save a lot of energy by making your home more efficient to heat or cool.

This is why having good quality blinds is a great investment. Having a set of insulated blinds will help keep the heat in your rooms during the Winter and help keep the heat out during the Summer.

Blinds from retailers like DotcomBlinds can massively increase the efficiency of your home, allowing you to have a lower energy use and a smaller utility bill every month, over time they will pay for themselves in the savings you receive.

3 – Use A Smart Meter to Monitor Energy Use

It’s easy to use more energy than you actually need at home. We have all left a light on in a room while we were not at home before. Or maybe you have forgotten to turn off a computer and wasted power in the process. This is one of the reasons that having a smart meter is a good idea. It will things make it a lot easier for you when you need to monitor and minimize your energy usage.

Over time, by making small changes to your energy use you can cut down on your usage at home. It’s a small change, but certainly an effective one. Whilst you won’t single handedly solve the climate crisis, it well help minimize your environmental impact and it’s a great place to start if you want to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

4 – Switch to A More Eco-Friendly Energy Provider

Energy providers aren’t all made equal, whilst pretty much any energy provider will have some sort of environmental impact, there are companies that look to minimize their impact and focus on energy from green sources, like solar and wind power.

So it’s smart to shop around and research providers in your area before signing up with them to supply your energy. There are even guides already made to help you pick a green energy provider.

Make Energy Savings a Priority at Home

You need to do your due diligence as an eco-friendly consumer. You may want to live a greener lifestyle, but you might not be taking full advantage of your opportunities. The tips listed above can help you cut your carbon footprint and use less energy.