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7 Very Important Steps to Become an Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

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We were pleased to hear that the Natural Resources Defense Council published a guide on sustainability for pet owners. This is an important topic, since more people are looking for ways to be more responsible pet owners.

Dogs are wonderful companions to have in your home, but some people will make purchases for their pets that aren’t the most eco-friendly. You may wonder how you can create a sustainable lifestyle while owning a dog, so we want to discuss this with you. Let’s look at some of the areas where you can make things more eco-friendly while living with a dog.


Companies are placing a greater emphasis on sustainability when they produce food. Due to the growing number of people leading organic and eco-friendly lifestyles, dog foods are being changed to be more sustainable as well. There are eco-friendly and organic dog food options readily available in stores all over the country today. There are also lots of sources online giving tips on how to make a homemade meal and what foods are safe to be given to your dog.

Common popular dog foods are now formulated, too, to fit the need for sustainable and healthier pet living. Plus, keeping a bag of dry food means less by-product and carbon footprint. There are many alternatives you can choose between, to ensure you have good food for your dog check this page for reviews and buying guide here.

Durable Dog Furniture

If you have to constantly replace your furniture after your pets ruin it, you will end up wasting more resources, so that could cause you to be less eco-friendly. Due to these issues, you should purchase dog furniture with more durable materials. We highly recommend synthetic materials since you can easily clean them and they are hard to rip open.

You should look into durable furniture for your dog while you get new furniture that will be more resistant to dog’s and their chewing habits. TreeHugger has a great list of eco-friendly dog beds and other dog furniture worth taking a look at.

DIY Toys

There are many plastic toys that dogs enjoy playing with, but those toys can have an impact on the environment, especially as you purchase more of them. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, then you could make do-it-yourself (DIY) toys for your dog by using t-shirts, rope and other old belongings.

In short, why spend money on plastic toys when you can make dog toys on your own that your furry friend can enjoy?

Bath Time

Just like with food, you can get special shampoo for your dog that is more eco-friendly. Just make sure you spend some time looking at the options available to see what is best for your dog while also helping the environment. You should also cut down on your water usage when you give your dog a bath.

For example, you could fill your bathtub and only run the water occasionally to heat it up as needed.

Recycled Poo Bags

You can also purchase poo bags for those moments when your dog may use the bathroom outside. These poo bags are made from previously-used plastic, so you end up using recycled material instead of new plastic. Since you’re using them to pick up your dog’s poo, you don’t need to worry about having new or high-quality plastic.

In short, you can purchase recycled poo bags if you want to work towards a more sustainable living as you own a dog.

Spayed or Neutered

If you don’t spay or neuter your dog, then you run the risk of your dog mating with other dogs. This could then cause more dogs to be born on the streets or your dog may end up pregnant if you aren’t careful. Due to this, you should consider getting your dog spayed or neutered to prevent dogs from being born in poor circumstances.

Remember that this option is best for people that don’t intend to have puppies, so feel free to avoid spaying or neutering your dog if you plan to breed your dogs.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Some people will purchase dogs from breeders, but you can always adopt a dog instead. Not only will you save money, but you will give a dog another chance to be happy while also making more space at an animal shelter. Note that when you get a rescue dog, some of the best dog insurance companies may offer you free health coverage for a month to help with the transition. This, in turn, helps those locations to save more dogs and you can focus on using less resources on the dog you adopt.

If you want to focus on sustainable living and eco-friendliness, then you should look into adopting a dog.

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle with your dog will be challenging, but it’s possible to do it. If you remember these points, you can make some changes to your lifestyle to reduce your overall waste while properly taking care of your dog. After all, you need to care for your dog, but you can care for the environment as you do so.

Follow the Right Steps to Become an Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

Sustainability is very important as a dog owner. You can follow the steps outlined above to reduce your carbon footprint while raising your furry family member.

Annabelle Short is a writer and seamstress of more than 7 years. When not working, she’s spending time with her family or putting pen to paper for her own personal pursuits. Annabelle is a mother and she likes to make crafts and eco-friendly DIY projects with her two kids. Annabelle is passionate about sustainable sewing and eco-friendly clothing. 


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