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Best Careers in Green Technology and Sustainability



Green jobs continue to grow as the demand for them moves forward. The question is figuring out what jobs are out there for you, and the following should help you with that.

Environmental Engineer

You could become an environmental engineer to help the world become more sustainable. This person is going to use most of the things you would imagine an engineer uses but will refocus them towards sustainability. This professional is going to find ways to improve recycling or waste disposal, which is a big issue for many people around the world.

This type of engineer might also help improve public health by improving water quality or by finding a way to deal with pollution. If you are looking to fill a position like this one, make sure you not only showcase your education but also find out how to get hired quickly. For example, you should know many companies use to find and hire environmental engineers like you.


For a long time, people thought there was only one system of agriculture, but that’s not the case. More companies are attempting to blend agriculture and the natural regrowth of the land. For a company to set up an agricultural system, they would have to chop down trees and shrubs to make away for the production of specific plants.

This would end up destroying the natural habitat of many creatures, which is not only wrong but hurts the planet’s natural environment. An agroforester is attempting to blend these two. This person is going to allow trees and shrubs to grow naturally as long as they complement the crops being grown. Doing this would give woodland creatures their habitat back, and it’ll create a more balanced relationship with nature and human beings.

Aquatic Biologist

Gaining a greater understanding of the world around you helps you figure out how you can contribute. This is one reason why aquatic biologists are so important. These folks are out there monitoring life in the wetlands, ponds, streams, lakes, and many other bodies of water.

A person in this career is probably going to work in a conservation area or parks. An aquatic biologist is not only going to be examining water to ensure it’s safe to drink but will also try to figure out if anything is wrong. These folks are there to monitor pollution and wildlife habitats. They are also there to warn of invasive species that might threaten a natural and fragile ecosystem.

Director of Sustainability

It’s easy to think all jobs linked to sustainability are going to require that you go out into the wild, but that’s not true. You could be indoors all of the time and still be a green-conscious career person. A Chief Sustainability Officer is hired by companies to help them meet specific green goals.

These folks are there to highlight problem areas and figure out how a company can become greener. Most folks in business are starting to notice that people want to shop or do business with a company that is trying to be green. Being eco-conscious seems to make you more desirable to the public, which is the reason many companies invest in people who can fill this role.

Ecotourist Guide

Ecotourism has grown in popularity for some time. People who love to travel want to do so without hurting the environment. People want to become one with nature as they travel, which is why the ecotourist career is now a thing. These folks learn about the local environment and create paths that travelers can take.

This allows these individuals to fall in love with everything around them and potentially respect it more. A person in this career is also good at encouraging sustainability. This person might know how to forage or how to find spring water, among other things, making eco-friendly trips much more exciting.

Hopefully, this information makes it easier to find the right eco-friendly career. Be patient and explore your options until you discover one that works for you.

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