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Eight eco-friendly places to visit this summer



Summer season is just around the corner, and with school ending vacation spots are lined up. But holiday destinations are not all the same when it comes to the environment and sustainability. Here are some green places suggested by Ashley Sanford.


Big Sur, California: This destination is most notably one of the best sunset-seeking travel destinations. This long coastline at the edge of California is just as breathtaking as any other site outside of the US. What’s more, is that it has the country’s top green locations and accommodations. Post Ranch Inn is one of them, a resort that uses green practices to run the Inn thanks to solar energy, gray water system and more.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica has been working on becoming the top eco-tourism destination. The beautiful island is covered with protected natural land. The family owning La Leona Eco Lodge has go-green tent-cabin hotel where you can learn about conservation, recycling, and preservations of the beautiful island.

Yucatan, Mexico: If you’re interested in exploring ancient Mayan sites, you’ll love this culture-rich destination. Enjoy the white-sandy beaches and catch some Vitamin D. Explore various Yucatan resorts such the Playa Maya which has a beachfront, swimming pool, private villas and more. Here are several other eco-friendly resorts.

Florida Keys: This popular ecotourism destination is full of nature-friendly State parks, National Parks, National Wildlife Refugees, Aquatic preserves, Sanctuaries and more. A large number of museums are dedicated to conservation and preservation of endangered wildlife, flora, fauna, and culture. Florida Green Lodging Program for instance, is an accommodation focusing on green efforts such as water conservation, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and recycling.

The Galapagos Island, Ecuador: The Galapagos is an awe-inspiring travel destination filled with nature. This is also one of the world top destinations for wildlife watching. The Galapagos ecosystem, although fragile, is kept well intact. A biological Marine reserve is also present on this island along with a national park. Fun fact: the Galapagos species was what inspired the theory of evolution when Charles Darwin visited the island and studied “natural selection”.

Kanimbla View, Australia: If you are willing to travelling far enough, Australia is home to some of the top eco-friendly destinations you wouldn’t want to miss. The Kanimbla view is a “cliff top retreat” and as described by Travel Channel, “an eco-tourists dream”. This popular location was specially designed to be environmentally safe and friendly. Kanimbla View promises that it is “committed to best practices in ecological sustainability”. The buildings are designed to be eco-friendly and are powered by solar energy.

Goosewing Beach Reserve, Rhode Island: The piping plover is an endangered species of birds and one that is also globally rare. In an attempt to preserve this adorable species, Rhode Island established the Goose wing Beach Reserve. This is one of the most beautiful spots of Rhode Island with pristine beaches and scenic spots. The Nature Conservancy of Rhode Island organisation also built an environmental education center, named the Benjamin Family Environmental Center, for visitors seeking environmental awareness.

Hanuama Bay Nature Preserve, Hawaii: The bay, which is actually a volcanic crater, received countless visitors before conservation efforts took place. Overuse, littering, and destruction harmed the wildlife. Recently, however, restrictions were imposed to ensure sustainability. Snorkelers must refrain from touching coral reefs and wild life. Littering is a major offense and completely prohibited. Finally, this beautiful bay has returned to its original unspoiled condition. This is a beautiful spot for sea diving and exploring the marine wildlife.

Ashley Sanford is content manager  of Peakdissertation, creative writer and a passionate blogger who loves to post insightful write-ups on leadership program and consultation.

Photo: Brandon via flickr


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