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the bahamas is a great place for eoc-friendly tourists to visit the bahamas is a great place for eoc-friendly tourists to visit


The Best Eco-Friendly Hotels In The Bahamas

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Eco-tourism is becoming far more popular these days. According to one analysis, over 101 million eco-friendly trips were taken in 2018. This figure is growing even faster, since the pandemic helped us understand the importance of taking steps to protect our world.

If you are trying to be an eco-tourist, you might want to find the right places to visit. Many green travelers are visiting the Bahamas.

Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Trip to the Bahamas

One of the crown jewels of the Caribbean, the beautiful Bahamas attracts travelers, beach-lovers, and luxury vacation enthusiasts in droves…and it’s not hard to see why! Packing your bags and heading to the Bahamas is a simply unforgettable experience, a truly glorious vacation full of sun, sand, and surf, with some of the most beautiful beaches and gorgeous landscapes the Caribbean has to offer.

However, as conscious travelers it is important to consider our impact on the world as we visit exotic locations and far-flung destinations. Traveling sustainably is one of the most important parts of ensuring that the beautiful places we visit stay that way, and we should always do everything we can to keep the planet we live on safe.

So if you are planning on taking a cruise to the Bahamas from Miami and want to ensure that your trip is as green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly as possible, check out these awesome eco-friendly hotels in the Bahamas and enjoy boutique luxury without harming the planet!

Tiamo Resort

Tiamo Resort is probably the most well-known and high-profile eco-friendly hotel in the Bahamas. Helped by the fact that you can only get there by seaplane or boat, it remains a hidden tropical paradise, tucked away on the remote Andros Island. It combines sustainable building materials with effortless luxury, is powered by green energy, and offers exclusive activities (including transparent kayak trips and off-shore fishing), delectable dining options, and spectacular views out across the water.

Small Hope Bay Lodge

When it comes to environmental sustainability, some resorts obviously do it better than others. And Small Bay Hope Lodge is one of the best! Also located on Andros Island, it has a long and rich tradition of environmentalism, which is baked-in to the ethos of the resort, and comes across in almost everything they do there. Buried deep in the surrounding jungle, the lodge embraces its links with nature, as well as offering tours, walks, and trips to help visitors get a better understanding of the ecology of the island and the conservation efforts that are ongoing.

The Other Side

One of the most innovative and environmentally friendly places to stay in the world, The Other Side is more than just a hotel, it is a movement and an experiment in sustainable tourism all in one. It is powered entirely by solar energy, its swimming pools are filled directly from the ocean (to conserve water), and the rooms are canvas tents, albeit extremely glamorous ones! All the food served in their excellent on-site restaurant is locally-sourced, with most of the fruit and vegetables grown on their on-site farm! And in a final flourish, they offer local marine conservationists the use of their waterfront to aid with their studies. For serious environmentalists visiting the Bahamas this is definitely the place to be!

Sustainable travel does not have to be rugged or basic, and in fact some of the best boutique hotels are also the greenest! Traveling to somewhere like the Bahamas gives you the opportunity to relax in comfort and style, safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to protect the Earth and the natural world that surrounds us.


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