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Environment Secretary urges co-ordinated UK response to emissions scandal.



Scotland’s Environment Secretary, Richard Lochhead, has called for a UK-wide task force to be established in response to the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. Mr Lochhead has written to the UK Transport Minister after it was confirmed 1.2 million vehicles in the UK, including Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen vehicles, may be affected.

The car maker estimates that includes around 106,000 vehicles in Scotland.

Mr Lochhead said: “I have discussed the situation with the UK Transport Minister and expressed my outrage and deep concern that the company may have deceived Scottish consumers and damaged our environment. Consumer confidence is likely to be shattered and customers and governments alike must have answers.

“The Scottish Government has already been in direct contact with Volkswagen and we await their response to establish the scale of the issue in Scotland, seek assurances that customers are informed as soon as possible, and to clarify that the manufacturer will take wider responsibility for the environmental impact.

“An immediate priority is to clarify the legal remedies available for consumers and governments. Given the regulatory role of the UK Government, and the implications for all administrations, it makes sense to have a co-ordinated response across these islands.

“That is why I have today written to the UK Transport Minister calling for a UK-wide task force to be set up to look at, for example, the environmental impact of any breaches of emissions testing regulations and practical steps that could be taken to address air quality issues. I have also asked that this matter is raised at EU level at the earliest possible opportunity.”

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