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How Teach Your Kids To Be Eco-Conscious While Traveling Together

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In the recent years, the awareness of protecting the environment that we live in has been spread around the whole world because we have all started to feel the consequences of the human actions that are damaging the environment. Extreme climate changes, pollution that leads to serious health problems, and the lack of natural resources in some places of the world are only a few reasons why each of us should be more considerate about reducing the waste of natural resources that we make and the heavy pollution that we cause. Here’s how to teach your kids to be eco-conscious on your adventures.

As a parent, it is really important that you teach your kids the most essential lessons in life which are going to help them grow up to be well-shaped adults with high values they follow in their everyday lives. The way you contribute to the education of your kids is going to influence considerably how successful they are going to be as adults both in their personal and private life. Apart from lessons that are going to help your child in his or her interaction with the people that surround him or her, lessons such as respect, tolerance, love, and honesty, you also have to teach your kid lessons that will help him or her be more conscious and considerate about the environment that he or she lives in. Kindness towards the living creatures and protecting the environment by reducing the pollution and waste of resources are both two lessons that not all the parents realize how important they are to be thought to their kids. Raising the new generations in a way that they are aware of the importance of protecting the environment should be something that all parents should focus on in order to ensure that their kids are going to live in a healthy place. Traveling is the best way to introduce your kids to eco-friendly habits because they get to learn all those new things in a fun and exciting way.

Let them admire the beauty of nature

The best way to teach your kids the importance of taking care of the environment is to travel together with them in places where they can admire the beauty of it. When thinking about trip ideas that are going to show your kids how to be eco-friendly, you should consider taking them somewhere where they can be surrounded by nature, rather than a busy city with heavy traffic, asphalt and a lot of background noise. Not only that a trip in nature will be the best place to let teach them eco-friendly lessons, but it will also allow all of you to relax in a healthy environment and bond more as a family by doing outdoor activities. There are many places where you can organize a trip with your kids where you will be surrounded by the stunning beauty of nature. Whether you choose to go camping, hiking, kayaking or caving, your kids are going to learn, in a fun and exciting way, many things about the natural resources that the environment is offering to them. You need to make sure that you are able to feed the curiosity of your kids when they start to ask you several questions about the new things they discover while exploring together with you all these new places.

Be eco-friendly travelers

Since you are the person that your kids look up to more than to anyone else, you need to be aware that in order to teach your kids any lesson, you have to be a good example for them. You cannot expect your kids to understand the importance of being eco-friendly if you do not behave accordingly. When leaving for a trip with your kids for the purpose of showing them why and how to take care of the environment that they live in, you need to make sure that you are eco-friendly travelers.

  • When camping, all of you should clean all the waste that you have produced during your stay there and throw it in the special places for recycling the trash;
  • When traveling around the destination of your trip, you should consider renting bikes or using public transportation rather than using your personal car;
  • Carry reusable water bottles rather than always buying plastic water bottles from the place that you are traveling to;
  • Choose to buy food from the locals both because you are supporting the local economy and also you will ensure healthier food for your kids;
  • Bring your own mugs from home to avoid single-use items such as paper or plastic cups;
  • Recycle all the items that you are using while you are traveling by throwing them in the special trash cans for recycling;
  • Avoid activities that involve captivity animals such as visiting zoos, riding elephants or holding animals for pictures.

Choose an eco-friendly method of transportation

One more aspect that you need to be really considerate about when traveling with your kids in order to teach them the importance of taking care of the environment is choosing an eco-friendly method of transportation. Hybrid and electrical cars have many advantages for any owner because of the fact that they are the eco-friendliest cars that you can find on the market. Traveling together with your kids by using a hybrid or electric car is going to ensure a healthy method of traveling both for all of you and the environment. However, do not forget to get insurance for your car and to pack lightly to avoid traveling by an overpacked car which can be both a risk and uncomfortable for your kids.

Teaching your kids since they are little about the importance of being environmental-friendly is going to help the develop eco-friendly habits that they are going to use for the rest of their lives which is why you should be really considerate about it. When teaching your kid to protect the environment, you are also helping him to contribute to his or her own health because a healthy environment is a must in order for us to have to maintain both our physical and mental well-being.


With a little extra thought and care, you can teach your kids to be eco-friendly travelers. Looking out for the environment doesn’t take away from travel adventures – if anything, it adds to them. Once your kids see just how fulfilling and fun it can be, they won’t want to travel any other way.

Becca Stickler is a freelance writer with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living.