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List of Fantastic Places for Green Consumers to Settle in South Carolina

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Residents like the different scenes South Carolina offers – from beaches, mountains, and the southern charm!.

We previously wrote a post about some of the greenest cities in the world. However, we felt it was prudent to write a similar one for people in South Carolina that want to relocate to a greener community in their state.

For several individuals, sustainability is now an issue of great concern. Many neighborhoods, cities, and regions provide the ability to get around the city.

Many people are now seeking and investing in places with environmental protection, energy efficiency, transportation convenience, fresh organic food and more. 

There are fantastic ecological choices in South Carolina if you care about these causes are looking to make a move.

We have listed a few fantastic, green, and environmentally friendly locations!

Myrtle Beach

The popular tourist destination Myrtle Beach is also emerging as one of the greenest cities in South Carolina.

The urban planning department is committed to establishing a new urban model that connects communities in multiple smaller towns and provides pedestrian and bicycle transportation options.

Homes in Myrtle Beach, along with boat docks, are highly desirable. However, it might be troublesome to get a house with a boat dock. Myrtle Beach Homes with Boat Dock have expertise with their commitment to buying or selling homes with docks in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The city’s civil and business communities also strive to keep the coastal ecosystem intact and healthy, and still profitable. After all, the primary income source from tourism and home to South Carolina’s sustainable aquaculture industry.


Southbury is a small town close to Myrtle Beach and the ocean. Combine southern charm with efficient, eco-friendly services, and you have a perfectly peaceful place for your mind, body, and soul. 

Trees are everywhere, and open spaces leave room for nature and wandering. Every home has several effective improvements to reduce energy consumption, such as the latest heat pumps, energy-efficient windows, and versatile flagship appliances.

Southbury’s small sustainability project near Myrtle Beach is known for its greenhouses. Almost all residences are LEED and Energy Star approved, which ensures they are eco-friendly.

Residents can enjoy southern flair, expansive greenery, and modern amenities. Trees are a feature of the community, and the open spaces leave plenty of room for nature and outdoor activities.


Beaufort, located on the picturesque island of Port Royal, has been voted “Best Little Town in the South” by Southern Living and is worth mentioning. Most historic areas are reserved as shopping malls and pedestrian zones.

At the same time, large parks connect city dwellers with green spaces. The ocean is everywhere. The beaches are carefully maintained, making Beaufort the perfect destination for sea and fresh seafood lovers.

You can find a lot of great things to do in Beaufort from this post on The Charlotte Observer.


Celadon is located on one of Beaufort’s most beautiful oceanic islands, a health-focused community that lives sustainably. Walking paths, community parks, ponds, and picnic areas are the hallmark of aquamarine life.

The commune has a tranquil setting, moss-covered oak trees, and modern amenities that emphasize healthful living and optimum physical and mental health.

The atmosphere encourages families to go out and engage with local neighbors and live in a safe environment.

Coosaw Point

It is a natural living culture in Beaufort, nestled in 400 acres of lowland forests and wetlands. Coosaw Point is conveniently situated just ten minutes from Beaufort and approximately one hour from Hilton Head. 

Low country houses overlook extensive green meadows and oak trees. It has approximately 130 acres of open space for nature.

The riparian wetlands and the rich nature of the lowlands offer many opportunities for nature lovers.

Resident facilities include a crab dock, community dock, tennis court, walking trail, natural outdoor area, pool complex, and clubhouse.

Coosaw Points is one of Lady Island’s quietest retirement communities, offering an incredible environment for retirees and their families.

Mount Pleasant

One of Mount Pleasant’s most unique communities, covering 243 acres, emphasizes sustainability, efficiency, and ease of walking. Although initially controversial, the new urban design philosophy has created a unique living space that coexists with the natural world. Natural drainage systems and low-impact buildings have preserved most of the pre-existing wildlife, and nature reserves, including a 5-acre nature reserve, are also protected.


In Spartanburg County, this small community is focused on making the environment eco-friendly. The Upstate Forever Plan has transformed Duncan into a pedestrian-friendly city filled with parks and green spaces.

One of which is the SCALE Trail, a charming six-mile walking trail on a South Carolina scale. The city is also working on solar and renewable energy to achieve its sustainability goals.

Dewees Island

This small island community on the outskirts of Charleston emphasizes cooperation with nature and a sustainable lifestyle. Dewey University is on a barrier island.

Life is comfortable, private, and green, both in terms of nature and design. Houses should be designed to harmonize aesthetically and functionally with the surroundings, without sacrificing comfort and living space.


Charleston has long been a leader in style and innovation in the Palmetto State while also being a sustainability and green living pioneer. It is the prettiest city in the state and an agricultural center with forklift restaurants, many of which specialize in local lowland cuisine.

Simultaneously, organizations like the Institute for Sustainable Development have strived to make Charleston’s built environment and infrastructure greener and more efficient every day.

The city government is also involved in renewable energy for offshore wind power generation and distributed power generation for residential or commercial solar installations.

North Charleston

The City of North Charleston has vowed to do everything possible to overcome previous development experiences and replace unused industrial sites with green parks, party venues, and businesses.

CARTA transport is fast, efficient, and ecological. Local businesses, homes, and urban spaces emphasize sustainability and energy efficiency.

In contrast, local businesses like EVO Pizza and COAST Brewing Company provide organic food from farm to table. Riverside City Park is a hidden gem, with world-class sculptures and breathtaking views.

Baxter Village, Fort Mill

Baxter Village is a designed community that has developed around open spaces and pedestrian zones for 15 years.

Sierra Club sees this as a model for smart growth, with more than 500 acres of parks and open spaces, miles of sidewalks and trails, and 450,000 square feet of shops, restaurants, and offices in the area.

Residents praised the city’s atmosphere, close ties to neighbors, and ease of use in the greater Charlotte area.


With the help of many grants from the federal government, the City of Greenville has invested heavily in sustainable development programs.

The city emphasized green communication infrastructure, including sidewalks, bike lanes, and wide bus routes, while expanding green areas and protecting the environment.

Each resident will soon live within a quarter of a mile from the park. Mobile farmers’ markets, community gardens, and municipal agricultural education centers will provide people with fresh produce.


Hartness is a modern, environmentally friendly household situated in Greenville’s most spectacular natural ecosystems. Natural elegance, vast mountains, and rich landscapes define it.

Residents, surrounded by ponds and lakes, can experience miles of existing trails and more than 180 acres of nature preserves.

In the pleasant natural scenery nearby, members of the community will walk, hike, or trek.

The Cliffs Communities

Cliff is a collection of seven self-sufficient communities located in South Carolina and North Carolina’s foothills, with more than 2,800 households. The Cliffs are just minutes from the charming southern cities of Greenville, Asheville, and Clemson.

It provides residents with endless opportunities to explore the natural environment and enjoy high-end living.

It is considered the most sustainable and thriving community in Carolina and has successfully preserved its idyllic beauty! Residents can use the recreational facilities in the seven municipalities. The surroundings offer many opportunities to spend your free time in the fresh air.

In 2015, the “Cliff Organic Farm” was officially launched. It is an organic community farm dedicated to the cultivation of agricultural products for the local population. Community members can enjoy the rewards at any chef-run restaurant in the area.

The reason successful green living becomes part of The Cliff is because of a collective culture of environmental responsibility.

Carnes Crossroads

It is a planned community located near downtown Charleston and Somerville. The city residents appreciate lovely parks, beaches, open green fields, and streets filled with trees.

The vibrant city center contains a host of new services for people.

The Green Barn is a historical, recreational area where locals can use it for different purposes. From special occasions to markets for seasonal farmers, fitness training, and wine tastings.

The residences here use typical southern architecture and are popular with families seeking to be close to the coast and retirees.

Hilton Head Plantation

This ideally built ecological community is situated at the northernmost coast of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Due to its beautiful nature, the neighborhood attracts many homeowners.

Hilton Head Plantation has well-kept grounds, golf courses, and open spaces. The community has more than 10 miles of recreational trails that residents can walk or bike on.

There is also a very active farming club where residents can grow plants for their use. Farmers also work together to raise blueberries and other fruit, and beekeepers tend to pollinate bees and harvest honey.

Hampton Lake in Bluffton

It is a seaside village in South Carolina, not too far from Hilton Head Island. Residents can enjoy a recreational lifestyle centered on 165 acres of the freshwater lake created to promote sustainable aquatic populations.

Common recreational hobbies include surfing, sailing, and fishing. Hampton Lakes is also home to an award-winning village featuring boat docks, lakeside cabanas, large outdoor pools, restaurants, playgrounds, tennis courts, a fitness center, spa, and much more.


South Carolina’s real estate has seen some prosperity in the last decade. In part, the increase in demand for real estate is due to more people becoming homeowners overall.

However, most of the demand comes from buyers moving to South Carolina from other states.

Some people choose to migrate to the mountainous surroundings of South Carolina and vacation on one of the many beaches that SC provides.

Others move to the beach or other coastal cities or to the mountains.

Moreover, some people choose to live somewhere in the middle, where the mountains and beaches take about two and a half hours of driving.

Tagline: There are a lot of great places to live in South Carolina if you are serious about cutting your carbon footprint.