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Sustainable Travel Tips for Students Studying Abroad

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More people are concerned about sustainability these days. A recent poll showed that 77% of people are interested in learning more about living green. People are not just talking about it either. They are actually putting their money where their mouth is.

One of the biggest ways that people are trying to live more sustainably is through traveling in more eco-friendly ways. Demand for eco-tourism is projected to be worth over $665 billion by 2030.

Enjoy Your Trip Abroad While Traveling Sustainably

Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity that allows students to explore the world, discover new cultures, and expand their knowledge. However, traveling can have an unfortunately significant impact on the environment, so it’s essential for students to consider sustainable travel options that reduce waste and energy consumption. In today’s blog post, we’ll provide some tips on how you can practice responsible tourism while studying abroad!

1. Pack light to reduce your carbon emissions on flights

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling abroad? If so, packing light can significantly impact, even when booking a last minute private jet. Every pound of weight onboard an aircraft requires additional fuel consumption, which increases carbon emissions. By bringing only what you need and avoiding overpacking, you can help decrease the fuel necessary for your flight. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it’s also convenient to have less baggage to lug around. So, next time you’re preparing to fly, pack as little as possible and enjoy a guilt-free journey with reduced carbon emissions.

2. Choose eco-friendly lodging options such as hostels and eco-lodges

Traveling is a great way to explore new places and meet interesting people. But in today’s world, being mindful of our environmental impact is essential. That’s why choosing eco-friendly lodging options such as hostels and eco-lodges is becoming increasingly popular among travelers. Not only do these options offer a more sustainable way to travel, but they often provide an authentic and unique experience. By staying in an eco-lodge, for example, you can learn about the local ecosystem and how it’s being protected. And by staying in a hostel, you can connect with fellow travelers who share your values. So next time you hit the road, consider choosing eco-friendly lodging options for a more rewarding and responsible trip.

3. Support local businesses when possible

When traveling or exploring your own community, it’s important to consider supporting local businesses whenever possible. Eating at locally owned restaurants not only allows you to try unique, homemade dishes, but it also helps to sustain the local economy. Similarly, buying souvenirs from small shops allows you to take home a piece of the community while supporting the livelihoods of local artisans and entrepreneurs. Plus, you may discover a hidden gem or two while supporting these beloved local establishments. So next time you’re hunting for a bite to eat or a souvenir to bring home, consider opting for a small, local business instead of a chain store. Your taste buds and wallet will thank you, and you’ll be doing your part in helping to keep small businesses thriving.

Find Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel While Studying Abroad

There are a number of ways that you can try to travel more sustainably when you are planning a trip abroad. You will be able to enjoy your trip while also doing your part to help the planet. We have another article with eco-friendly travel tips that you may want to consider if you are planning a trip abroad, whether as a student or going on a vacation.

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