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enjoy Mallorca as an eco-tourist enjoy Mallorca as an eco-tourist


6 Things Eco-Tourists Need to Do When Visiting Mallorca

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Are you looking to be an eco-friendly tourist? You aren’t alone. The number of eco-tourists has surged in recent years and the market is projected to be worth nearly $334 billion by 2027.

One of the most important things that you can do as an eco-tourist is choose the right destination. Mallorca is a great place for eco-friendly travelers to visit.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Trip to Mallorca – an Eco-Friendly Paradise

As the largest island in the Balearics, Mallorca has a lot to offer. From flea markets and rich local cuisine to sightseeing tours and extreme sports, you’ll find it all. Not to mention, it’s in one of the best Mediterranean climate zones. Whether for business or pleasure, visiting Mallorca is a must because it offers the perfect mix for everyone.

Mallorca is especially popular for eco-tourists. DW recently published a report on the steps the government and local businesses are taking to promote sustainable tourism in Mallorca. For example, the HM Hotels chain is taking steps to be more resource efficient and overall more eco-friendly.

Before you board the plane, let’s make a checklist of things you shouldn’t forget to do, plan, or bring along to be an eco-tourist visiting Mallorca. Let’s dig in!

1. Protect your documents

No matter where exactly you plan to stay, one thing is certain – you need to have absolute control of your documents. We’re talking about passports, credit cards, travel arrangements, agendas, etc.

Make copies and keep them at hand, separate from the originals. In case of document loss or theft, a copy should be enough to help you. If this happens, you should contact your embassy ASAP to solve the problem.

2. Secure your gadgets

There is no denying the fact that digital communication is better for the planet than paper, which is why so many people are businesses are going paperless. It is also necessary when you are traveling abroad to a place like Mallorca.

During your stay in Mallorca, you’re going to have to use WiFi. Coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, beach bars – all public WiFi networks pose a potential risk to your cybersecurity because they aren’t always encrypted. With unencrypted WiFi, hackers who connect to the same WiFi might be able to steal your information.

Since being prepared is the best approach, remember to:

● Update the OS on all your gadgets (to patch security vulnerabilities)

● Get a VPN to boost the safety of your online activities (it will encrypt all of your data)

● Never leave your gadgets and devices unsupervised

● Use passwords and biometric protection wherever possible

● Set up the Find My Device service from Google

Your electronic gadgets are eco-friendlier than paper documents and traditional communication mediums. However, you have to keep them protected.

3. Make lists of eco-friendly inventory

We all tend to pack too much stuff when we travel. Whether it’s clothes or gadgets, you’re bound to bring more than you need. This isn’t good for the planet, because traveling with a lot of stuff adds more weight to planes and increases their carbon footprint. In addition to lowering the amount of stuff you pack, you should follow these other eco-tourist tips.

To solve this issue, make an inventory list prior to packing. Chances are, you’ll mostly need light clothes, but hey, it gets chilly in January in Mallorca. You can find some great eco-friendly clothes that are also comfortable.

So, the three lists you should have in mind are:

1. Clothes – light clothes, swimsuits made from renewable materials, and something for when it gets a bit colder

2. Medication and a first aid kit – no matter where you’re going, you should always be prepared.

3. Gadgets – tablets, e-book readers, laptops, earbuds, power banks, cameras, you name it.

An inventory list of all the gadgets and accessories you’re bringing will let you root out the ones you don’t really need. Also, remember to tightly pack your gadgets and secure them from breaking during transport.

4. Keep important info handy

We talked about passports and credit cards, but there’s other info you should keep handy as well. For example, you should always have the address of the place you’re staying written down, both on your phone and on a piece of paper.

But you can also use your phone to keep track of geotags, weather, activities, and all sorts of other things related to time and location. It wouldn’t hurt to scout the area you’re staying in for important locations like police stations, pharmacies, convenience stores, etc.

5. Plan for “lazy” days

Let’s not forget that you are going to one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. You need to set aside time to relax, preferably away from screens and displays.

Spending a whole day swimming, sunbathing, and eating delicious foods will do wonders for your physical and mental health! You don’t need to spend all of your vacation days chasing tourist attractions.

It’s important you spend some time with yourself too.

You can find beautiful spots to isolate yourself. Taking a short break during the day to practice mindfulness and meditationwill do wonders for your mental well-being. Simply sit down, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and try to be in the moment. If you’re new to mindfulness, Yours App can be a trusty guide.

There are a lot of great eco-tourist destinations in Mallorca. You can find some of them here.

6. Invest in a decent backpack

Let’s be real here – in Mallorca, you’ll be exploring a lot. This means traveling from one awesome spot to another quite often. That’s why you should have a backpack that can support you all the way.

If you need your laptop for work, get a backpack or a case that has enough space for gadgets AND for clothes.

You should always have a swimsuit with you so you can take a dip in the ocean whenever you want to cool off. Also, the humid climate can get a little stuffy sometimes, so having a change of clothes at hand can be a life-changer.

¡Buen viaje! Enjoy Your Trip to Mallorca Eco-Tourist!

There are many reasons eco-tourists are traveling to Mallorca. It is a great place to enjoy and you can appreciate the commitment to sustainability.

To sum up – keep track of what you’re bringing, don’t pack too much, take care of your security, and take some time to actually relax! Mallorca is, after all, a Mediterranean Heaven on Earth, so why not enjoy it fully? Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay!

Daniela McVicker is a professional writer and editor for various websites. As someone with a strong love for taking care of the environment, she truly enjoys providing the younger generations with easy yet efficient tips for preventing global warming and living a more sustainable life.