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Eco-friendly ways to enjoy Sapporo Eco-friendly ways to enjoy Sapporo


Wonderful Ways to Live Sustainably in Sapporo

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The Green Medium published an article last year calling Japan one of the most sustainable countries in the world. This opinion is echoed by a report from McKinsey showing that Japan has increased energy efficiency by 50% between the 1970s and 2010s.

While Japan is making massive progress on the sustainability front, many people that have moved to the country are still wondering how they can live an eco-friendly lifestyle. One of the things that you need to do is make sure that you participate in activities that don’t unnecessarily increase your carbon footprint.

We have a list of great eco-friendly cities that you can enjoy in Japan, but we neglected to mention Sapporo before. This is a great place to live if you care about sustainability. If you live in a community like Sapporo, you will be able to find some ways to enjoy your time without harming the planet in the process.

How Can You Enjoy Sapporo as an Eco-Conscious Resident or Tourist?

You’ll be spending time working in Japan, and you’ve been deployed to Sapporo, the largest city on Hokkaido. If your company didn’t arrange accommodation for you, or if you’re in temporary accommodation, your first goal will be to find a home to rent. But finding a Sapporo real estate agent who speaks English may not be as easy as you thought it might be. Luckily, thee are services that can put you in touch with the right people.

Next up, you’ll be getting settled, but once you’re comfortable in your new home, you will definitely want to take in some of the sights and enjoy Sapporo to the fullest. Although it’s not as famous abroad as Tokyo, you’ll find that it certainly deserves to be!

The good news is that there are a lot of eco-friendly activities that you can enjoy. Here are some ideas for your leisure time without harming the planet.

Winter Activities You’ll Love

The annual Sapporo Snow Festival is not to be missed! People from around the world compete with locals to build the most stunning snow sculptures, and watching the process is almost as exciting as seeing the results. This is a great way to enjoy your time in an eco-friendly manner, since snow sculptures are made entirely by hand. There is literally no carbon footprint associated with them.

Since Sapporo hosted the Winter Olympics in 1972, hosts Asian snow sports contests regularly, and is currently bidding to host the event once again, you are sure to find plenty of snow sport facilities in the area. Ski, snowboard, skate – whatever gets you out and enjoying the snow, you’ll find a place to do it in Sapporo and its surrounds.

Feel like something more tranquil? Sapporo is home to many beautiful public spaces and parks, all of which get touched with a little special winter magic.

Summertime, And There’s Fun to be Had

You can also enjoy festivals that don’t require a lot of electricity and have a lot of eco-friendly food and drinks. The Lilac Festival is a springtime event in which you not only get a chance to enjoy the sweet scents of spring lilac, but also get to enjoy live music, and good food and wine. Celebrate Spring in a cosmopolitan atmosphere that draws expats, locals, and tourists alike. It is a great way to enjoy your time without harming the environment.

June brings you an opportunity to enjoy some traditional Japanese culture. The Yosakoi Soran Festival features traditional music and dance and your chance to view some magnificent Japanese traditional costumes at locations around the city. This festival is huge! It has featured over 45,000 dancers and attendance is in the region of 1.8 million people!

You won’t have to leave the city to enjoy the beauty of nature either. The parks will be at their best, and they showcase the time-honored art of Japanese landscape gardening in which the setting is carefully groomed to become an idealized version of nature. This is a great way to appreciate the benefits of sustainability, since these parks and landscapes wouldn’t have been possible if the people in the area were not committed to sustainability.

With the weather heating up, you’ll be ready for some refreshment. Don’t miss the Beer Museum and the opportunity for a little beer tasting.

Autumn Brings Color and Even More Festivals

Following the rhythm of the seasons through its festivals, Sapporo offers you the best in cuisine at the Autumn Fest, a festival that’s completely devoted to fine food. These festivals are also eco-friendly, so you will get to enjoy spending time with a lot of other people that are committed to sustainability.

Admire the autumn landscape at Daisetsuzan National Park, and if the cooler weather leaves you feeling active, enjoy the views from the mountains near Sapporo. You’ll soon see why these less-famous attractions are nevertheless worthy of greater fame as is Sapporo itself, including its advances towards being a greener city.

So Much to Do as an Eco-Friendly Resident in Sapporo

Eco-friendly consumers will feel right at home in Sapporo! With just a little taste of what Sapporo has to offer, you can already see that your leisure time is going to be packed with activities to suit your mood. This is a great place to live as someone that cares about sustainability. You might even wish that you had more time to take it all in, even though work is your main reason for being here.

Whether you’re in Sapporo for a few months or a few years, we can guarantee that you won’t have time to be bored. You will also get to enjoy the community without harming the environment. Enjoy the experience!


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