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#GE2015: 100,000+ Vote for Policies in 18 hours as UK goes to the polls



Just as there was a last minute surge in voter registration there has been a surge in people using Vote for Policies.  As Britain goes to the polls to vote, over 100,000 people have used the Vote for Policies to match their views with party policies.

At 6pm yesterday we released the people’s manifesto drawing together the most popular policies by policy area. Labour dominated the national and Welsh result, with the Greens ahead in Scotland and UUP in Northern Ireland.

Since publishing the manifesto yesterday a further 100,000 people have taken the survey, 4,000 more in Scotland and 500 in Northern Ireland. But the manifesto policies remain the most widely held views of those completing the survey.

Since yesterday the Lib Dems have swapped places with the Greens to be the second party by the narrowest of margins.

Position of parties and policies yesterday

Position of parties and policies at noon today

We will publish a final result at 10pm tonight when polls close.

You can still see which party’s policies most matches your own views by using the Vote for Policies survey here, or see your local Vote for Policies results here. To see the how parties are doing by policy across the country take a look here. To see the newly released Guide to Sustainable Democracy, click here.

Photo: Adam Wyles via Flickr

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