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The year ahead for Blue & Green Tomorrow



The year ahead is set to be a busy 12 months for Blue & Green Tomorrow, after many triumphs and a small setback in 2014 we’ve finalised our business and editorial calendar for 2015 ensuring that we remain the most widely read cheerleader for all things sustainable, as well as being a big thorn in the side of the unsustainable.

Firstly, our share offer is just about ready to launch on Crowdcube. We revealed last year what we would do with the money raised, from rebuilding the website to launching ecommerce capability in investment and travel, to learn more and register your interest in the share offer click here.

In order to be financially sustainable in the future, Blue & Green Tomorrow has stuck deals with a number of organisations that we think are exemplars of sustainability, responsibility and ethical business. This will include launching a series of more focussed newsletters, such as investment, travel and energy, in conjunction with our partners, allowing you to tailor the content you want to receive and the frequency of contact.

As well as daily news summaries, regular articles and features, we’ll also begin publishing our Blue & Green guides again starting in February:

– February 2015- Sustainable Homes

– March 2014 – Guide to saving money and cutting carbon

– April 2015 – Sustainable democracy

– May 2015 – The science of climate change

– June 2015 – Science and clean technology

– July 2015 – The economics of sustainability

– August 2015 – Sustainable energy and water

– September 2015 – Sustainable homes and garden

– October 2015 – Sustainable finance and investment

– November 2015 – Sustainable retail and shopping

– January 2016 – Sustainable travel and tourism

In line with our plans we’re on the hunt for a new and experienced editor and are eager to hear from potential contributors and partners for our guides. If you’d like to be involved in Blue & Green Tomorrow please drop us a line.

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