UK must embrace renewable energy to keep pace with world leaders


In The Rise of Renewable Energy, Alex Blackburne listens to a number of leading voices within the sector to ascertain why the Government, and a percentage of the public, don’t fully understand the potential of an essentially limitless supply of clean energy.

Harnessing the renewable capabilities of the UK’s physical geography would propel it alongside other renewable energy world leaders.

RenewableUK’s Adam Bell told us, “It would be a mistake to not capitalise on these tremendous natural resources, and in doing so build a world-beating industry. Achieving this will require Government commitment and significant levels of investment, which will only be unlocked if investors have certainty that the framework for supporting renewable energy development will be robust in the long term“.

Good Energy’s Ed Gill added that “making the market as transparent and as easy to understand as possible is the best way to keep attracting attention“.

When facing up to the increasing need to adapt to climate change, renewable energy emerges as a beautifully-formed, natural solution that should underpin our economy.

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Beyond the insight it provides, the report also features what may be the world’s first digital wind turbine flick book creation.

Need we say more?