Ethical presents to get your loved one this Valentine’s Day


Saint Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and Charlotte Reid has been finding out about the gifts that not only your partner will love, but will also make the environment grateful too.

The time of year has come round again to show your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband how much you love them. It’s on Tuesday, just in case you need a gentle reminder.

But this year why not do something different? There has been a rise in the sale of ethical goods meaning more variety and choice. Why not consider buying something which will score you points with the environment too?

Blue & Green Tomorrow recommends using the Ethical Superstore because of their environmentally friendly and sustainable ethos. Here are the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts from their store.


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    How about impressing your woman with a necklace or earrings? Or maybe getting your man some cufflinks?

    Kenny Luke, from the Ethical Superstore, says, “We find our jewellery range does particularly well at Valentine’s Day. We feel this is not only because jewellery is a traditionally popular gift during this period, but also because our customers appreciate that much of the range is made from recycled materials, is hand crafted to provide a unique piece each time and is very often made in the UK, so has a minimal carbon footprint”.

    The Ethical Superstore works with La Jewellery who make a range of jewellery using ethically sourced and recycled silver. It also instils environmental behaviour amongst its workers, growing fruit and herbs on site for the staff to use when cooking. It also uses a solar panel to light its art studio so you can be reassured that its jewellery really is as ethical as possible.


    Chocolates are usually a guaranteed success as a present.

    There a number of Fairtrade chocolates available to buy, even Cadbury’s chocolate is Fairtrade now. Although it is advisable to be a bit more indulgent for Valentine’s Day.

    Chocolate company, Plush, has “married” the ideas of Fairtrade and indulgence with their delicious chocolates. It packages the chocolates in innovative boxes and use biodegradable materials that can be recycled easily.


    This is a traditional present for couples throughout the year, with cut flowers kept in a vase in a room for a week or so. Why not this year make those flowers more permanent feature?  Why not buy a variety of seeds, a Grobox or an instant garden?


    What would a celebration be without the chance for a special drink together?  

    There a number of organic wines available. The Ethical Superstore sells wines from the Natural Collection company which supports sustainable production. Their manufacturing method is responsible and they use environmentally friendly and organic products and materials throughout the whole wine-making process.

    There are also a number of non-alcoholic drinks that are made in a sustainable way. You can pick your favourite from organic hot chocolates, a delicious selection of cordials and wonderful herbal teas, whatever you fancy.

    Whatever you decide to buy for the special day Blue & Green Tomorrow recommends having a look at what the Ethical Superstore has to offer.

    If you want to find out more about ethical shopping then read our in depth report from last year.