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Attractive and sustainable real estate investment in Washington DC



Following Mayor Gray’s recently unveiled Vision for a Sustainable DC, which highlights the district’s ambitious initiative to transform D.C. into “the healthiest, greenest and most livable city” in the country by 2032, Steve Israel, president of Washington brokerage firm Buyer’s Edge, embraces the plan as an even more attractive reason to invest.

He said that the initiative stands out as “one more compelling reason to consider investing in a city that’s focused on making itself a better place to live – now and in the future.”

In his sustainable initiative, Mayor Gray refers to the benefit that investment has upon the district’s growing economy: “In the 15 months after the 2010 Census, more than 16,000 new residents moved to the district, and all signs point to an escalating growth for years to come.”

The Mayor claims his Vision for a Sustainable DC will;

  • “Increase by 5 times the number of jobs providing green goods and services,
  • Attract and retain 250,000 new and existing residents,
  • Cut citywide greenhouse emissions by 50%,
  • Cut citywide energy consumption by 50%.

Israel says, “The news that the Mayor plans an aggressive program to create a more healthy and sustainable city for people to live and work in makes investing in the DC market even more attractive, and the DC area offers a great variety of housing options and investment levels.”

Since the 2010 census, Washington DC has grown by 16,000 new residents. The magnitude of the growth of real estate investment is complimentary to the stability of government presence and directly projects the mayor’s efforts for a sustainable future.

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