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UK’s founding B Corporations: Be Inspired Films



Forward thinking organisations across business and society are doing amazing things to make a positive difference in the lives of millions around the world. The challenge is – how to capture the emotion and impact of this work in a way that inspires people at scale?

UK founding B Corporation Be Inspired Films brings those stories to life, inspiring new business and support, to help make an ongoing difference. They tell stories that matter because that’s what inspires them. Whether it is a broadcast quality film or animation for TV or online or you want to train some of your staff to create good quality everyday videos throughout the year, Be Inspired are there to help.

In 140-characters or less what does being a B Corporation mean for your organisation?

It truly represents us – a for profit business that exists to be a force for good in the world. Super excited to be a part of the community!

What were the biggest internal barriers to achieving B Corp accreditation?

1. Setting aside the time, as a small business, was a big challenge. 2. Formalising many of the things we were already doing or party doing informally. 3. The process required creating new documents and policies but also a great deal of thinking and consideration.

Will it change how you do business and/or who you do business with?

We were already very ethical in terms of who we work with. It won’t change who we do business with, but it will positively change some aspects of how we do business particularly in the following areas: Supply chain, Environmental awareness and practice and  Staff development.

There are 3,571,105 companies in the UK and 61 B Corps – how do we reach the point where every company in the UK is B Corp-ready?

Sharing more positive stories of businesses who are doing great things in any of the areas the B Corp assessment looks at.

Encouraging more businesses and start-ups to do the B Corp assessment as part of any business support training or growth training so that they can see where they are at and start to build in awareness into their development and try to improve towards a higher score.

Sharing B Corp success stories that demonstrate tangible improvements in growth, profitability, customer and staff satisfaction as a result of being a B Corp.

Is corporate action commensurate with the environmental and social challenges we face, and responsibilities we have, as a one the world’s leading economies?

Many of the things that B Corp measures you against, if done at scale, are definitely a move in the right direction in terms of addressing the social and environmental challenges we face.

Further work could potentially be done at addressing systemic issues to accelerate or create a step-change in the progress that is needed to really tackle these issues with force.

Any other comments?

We are really, really proud to be one of the founding members of B Corp in the UK and to be noted amongst so many great organisations committed to making a difference through business. We look forward to working together with other B Corps and many organisations across all the different sectors to driving forward this positive movement of change.

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