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Christian Aid Responds To US Supreme Court Ruling On Obama’s Clean Power Plan



Responding to the ruling by the US Supreme Court to pause implementation of America’s Clean Power Plan in order to hear legal challenges, Christian Aid’s Senior Climate Advisor, Mohamed Adow, said: “The Supreme Court decision has not repealed America’s national pledges agreed at the Paris climate summit as some polluters are suggesting. This is a temporary pause to hear the legal merits of the US Clean Power Plan. The USA’s national commitment and those of every other country remain unaffected.

“The Supreme Court has already upheld the Environment Protection Agency’s authority to limit pollution under the Clean Air Act and it is expected that the Clean Power Plan will prevail in the courts.

“The fact remains that nearly three quarters of Americans back action on climate change and the Clean Power Plan is a good piece of legislation which America should be proud of.  The USA had a key role in brokering the historic agreement in Paris in December which showed the global transition to a low carbon world is now unstoppable.

“America would be hurting itself, and the rest of the world, if it allowed the dying kicks of the fossil fuel lobby to hold it back from being at the forefront of this transition.

“The Paris agreement is resilient and will withstand this little legal bump as the world inevitably shifts to safer cleaner future.”


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