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Energy Minister To Answer Lords’ Questions On EU Energy Governance



The House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee will tomorrow take evidence from Andrea Leadsom MP, Minister of State in the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

This will be the main evidence session of the Committee’s new inquiry into EU energy governance. The inquiry will see the Committee investigate the European Commission’s Energy Union strategy which is based on the objectives of security of energy supply, sustainability and competitiveness.

Areas the Committee will cover with the Minister include:

– Is the Government supportive of the EU Energy Union Package? How does it improve on the European Commission’s previous energy policy?

–  Do the EU’s proposals threaten national sovereignty in any way?

–  How will the proposed EU energy governance framework contribute to a more secure energy supply for the UK? Could it undermine it?

–  Should the role of the European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators take on a bigger role in European energy markets?

– How will EU targets for renewable energy be enforced? What effect does a lack of certainty have on investment in the renewables industry?

– Are there opportunities for greater regional energy cooperation in the EU? What is the Government’s views on the current level of cooperation in the North Sea?

–  Could a coherent EU energy policy help reduce the cost of energy for consumers?

The evidence session will start 11am on today. As well as Andrea Leadsom the Committee will also hear from Tim Abraham, Head of European Policy at DECC. You can watch the session live on the internet at