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HM Treasury served with pre-action protocol for Judicial Review by Community Energy



Community Energy England working with Community Energy Scotland and Community Energy Wales have served on HM Treasury a ‘Letter before Action’ in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Judicial Review about the proposed changes to EIS and SITR for community energy enterprises.

This action is to make clear to the Government how seriously thousands of sustainable energy groups across the UK view the abrupt and ill-considered decision to remove community energy schemes from eligibility for the Enterprise Investment Scheme and not replace it with Social Investment Tax Relief. Tax concessions have been a vital incentive to secure local investment in community owned projects.

The letter gives HM Treasury a late opportunity to reconsider its position in the light of the legitimate expectations of the community energy sector following Government statements in the 2015 Budget.

Philip Wolfe, Chairman, Community Energy England, said: “We have not taken this decision lightly, but believe it is important to seek the regulatory consistency necessary to secure the substantial investment, which sustainable energy infrastructure needs over the next decade and more.”

Image: Teddington & Ham Hydro


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