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How to train your IT staff to go greener than ever



Life in the 21st century often revolves around having the biggest, fastest, shiniest new piece of tech. Whether it’s the new iPhone, the new Xbox or the latest OS for your machine, the scope of our technological capabilities is growing more impressive with each passing year.

Despite having access to better machines with more resources than ever, it’s still perfectly possible to keep your IT staff running in a lean and green fashion. Having the best new tech doesn’t mean you have to harm the environment – here’s how to train your IT staff to go greener than ever.

Don’t print what you don’t have to

It may be difficult to believe, but there are plenty of people in 2015 who are still printing out emails and taking them to meetings. The same goes for people printing diagnostic reports which are either going straight into the bin or into a box folder somewhere, never to be seen again. Simply put, if you don’t have to print it out, don’t print it out – these reports and emails are better off on your PC or tablet anyway. The same goes for faxes – where possible, use fax to email so that you get a PDF you can work from instead of a sheet of paper. It’s more convenient and it’s better for the environment.

Switch off

Humans need to switch off at the end of a long day. Sleeping is kind of a biological rebooting that all animals need to do every now and again. PCs also need to rebooting too if they’re to run at maximum efficiency. The cheapest, easiest and most environmentally friendly way of doing this is to turn off what you’re not using. Unless your PC is hooked up to environmental controls, your IT system’s life support or anything else which necessitates it being kept on overnight, shut it down when you leave the office. Flapping the screen down or putting it on Sleep Mode is not the same – they draw a similar amount of power to simply being left on. You can do your bit to save the environment, one shut down at a time.

Invest in water cooling

If your machines run hot, it’s important to ensure that they have an adequate air supply to keep them cool. An easier, more efficient way of keeping your machines cool is by water cooling them. By keeping your PCs and servers cooler, you can spend less on air conditioning. It’s a win-win, both for your bottom line and the environment.

Skype your way forward

Business meetings are very important. Unfortunately travelling to and from business meetings can be expensive, both in terms of time and cost. An easy way to circumvent this cost is by using videoconferencing software like Skype. It’s quicker, more convenient and you don’t have to sit in traffic pumping exhaust into atmosphere.

Recycle as you go

Recycling is an integral part of modern society. We already recycle glass, plastic and metal on a regular basis, and at the end of the day that’s all your PC is really made of. If you’re upgrading your hardware you’re going to be left with a load of outdated tech. Nobody uses old CRT monitors anymore, and you may think that nobody wants that old Windows 95 machine. However, that machine literally contains gold which can be used in another machine elsewhere. Some suppliers even offer future discounts if you recycle with them, so make sure you shop around. Even if you don’t get the discount, recycling is much better for the environment than filling yet another landfill site.