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Most Popular #COP21 #Paris Agreement Articles 2015



3,542,253 tweets (and growing). 40,000 participants. 11,000 police. 3,000 people hired to work at the conference. 11,000 police. 147 world leaders in attendance. 13 days. One agreement. Pity the headline-grabbing Belgians – day one’s Fossil of the Day award winners…

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Belgium Wins Fossil Of The Day Award At The Paris Climate Summit

On the very first day of the Paris climate summit, Belgium won the shameful Fossil of the Day Award. The dubious award was handed down to Belgium for stumbling on internal divisions, which is blocking its climate action. Read more.

World’s Local Leaders Commit To A 100% Renewable Future

Today’s Climate Summit for Local Leaders will commit 1000 mayors and local leaders to “support ambitious long-term climate goals such as a transition to 100% renewable energy in our communities, or a 80% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2050”. Read more.

Former Champion Of Climate Action Wins Fossil Of The Day Award

Denmark’s government U-Turn on ambitious climate targets earned the country the shameful 1st place Fossil of the Day Award at the Paris climate summit today. The dubious award was handed down to Denmark for stating that it will reduce its ambitious climate targets and nearly halve financial support provided to empower developing countries in their efforts to tackle climate change. Read more.

China And France Conclude Bilateral Climate Agreement In Advance Of COP21

French President Francois Hollande has met with Chinese Premier Xi Jingping in Beijing. Hollande has consistently made climate change a core concern of his bilateral and multilateral visits since formally taking up the COP21 Presidency.  This meeting is timely given the build up to the G20, and China’s role as G20 President in 2016 as well as one of the last set of bilateral between core emitters ahead of COP21. Read more.

Massive Advertising Takeover Campaign In Paris Highlights Corporate Stranglehold

Over 600 artworks critiquing the corporate takeover of the COP21 climate talks were installed in advertising spaces across Paris last night – ahead of the United Nations summit beginning this Monday. Read more.

Nearly 1.8 Million People Demand Climate Action In Global Faith-Based Petitions

A total of 1,780,528 million people worldwide have put their names to a collection of faith-based petitions urging political leaders at the COP21 climate summit to take decisive action to curb global warming and deliver a strong, fair deal that helps poor countries adapt to their changing climate. Read more.

Climate Week NYC Ends With Leaders More Confident Of A Deal At COP21

Key global figures who will shape the outcome of December’s United Nations climate conference in Paris later this year came together for the first time at a major event at The French Institute in New York today organised by The Climate Group for the finale of Climate Week NYC 2015. Read more.

Environmental NGOs Launch CCS Report

Carbon capture and storage technology, which can dramatically reduce carbon pollution from industry and biomass facilities, as well as gas- and coal-fired power plants, has made great strides, but government policies are urgently needed if this piece of the climate mitigation portfolio is to be deployed widely, according to a new report released today. Read more.

Barclays, “Investor Momentum Around Portfolio Decarbonization Will Likely Continue To Build.”

Renewable stocks rose up to 10% yesterday, while Peabody Coal fell 13% to all time low following the Paris Agreement. This is part of a larger reaction from investors and financial analysts – including Barclays – who are warning clients about the long–term signal sent to the markets. Read more.

UEA Students ‘Hack’ University Campus Ahead Of Paris Climate Talks

Students at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have set-up a ‘hack’ camp occupying outside the Vice Chancellor’s office over the University’s continued investments in the fossil fuel industry. UEA a world leader in climate research currently holds over £130,000 worth of shares in in fossil fuel companies including Shell and Rio Tinto. Read more.